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When considering a free music downloads the legal way, what better way is there than doing it directly to your mobile device? Over the year’s technology has changed when it comes to using your mobile phone. You receive ample storage on your phone you can use as a music library. So do you own an Android device? Are you looking for an easy way to download free music? You have arrived at the right place; we can help you with the 25 best free MP3 music downloader apps for your Android device. However, before we get to the best free music download apps let us answer some important question you may have on your mind.

Why Would You Want Free Music Download Apps For Your Android?

free music download apps for androidMusic soothes the soul and everyone love is. Listening to your favorite tunes makes you feel relaxed after a stressful day or it pumps up your heartbeat when you listen to upbeat music. Further, if you are an Android user we are sure you listen to music while cycling or enjoying a workout at the gym.

In the past, you would have music available on your PC to download to your cell phone; however, these days you have your Android device available all the time by your side. This is why this fine piece of equipment is the best tool to use to download free music. The positive side is using your mobile device is easier than using your computer to download music. Therefore, if you want to become an expert at downloading Mp3 music let us check out what we have lined up here for you.

Best Music Downloader Available for your Android in 2017 | Legal Music Download Apps

When you start, searching for a mp3 music downloader, there is one thing that happens – a whole lot of options pop up on the search list. However, choosing free music download apps for your Android is overwhelming and you are not certain if they are legal. Maybe you have a preferred preference and not sure, what the best music downloader works with your phone. You do not want to end up with viruses leaving your mobile device useless. Below you can find a fine selection of free music download apps specially designed for the Android device.

App 1 – Music Paradise Pro Downloader

best music downloaderWhen choosing free music downloads for Android phones, you want only the best and legal music available. This is where Music Paradise Pro Downloader gives you access to authorized files. This is an incredible free music download app for Android devices. The application is fast and free and will have no legal issues when downloading your favorite song. As with the majority of free music available to download, you do get annoying ads. There is not a huge database available but still, provides you with enough choices in different genres. Further, the app has not changed since 2015 and there is no support if you need it.

Size: 7.5 Mb

Download: Click to download Music Paradise Pro Downloader

Guide Video:

Video Source: Lidia Rivera

Distinguished feature:

  • Allows you to download free music in Mp3 format
  • You can search for a specific song on the included search engine
  • Designed in a small size and you do not need huge resources leading to fast downloads

App 2 – Music Maniac Pro

best music downloaderFor an easy way to download free music, you need the Music Maniac Pro version. This app gives you music on the go. With the app, download ringtones to use on your Android phone. The only thing is you need to use the app to download free music to your device. The great thing is you can listen to the tune without using internet connection and store it on your phone. You can also find popular sounds to buy if preferred. Use the database to search for quality MP3s by name of the song or artist.

Size: You need an Android 2.2 or later version and have a 1.75 Mb size

Download: Click To Download Music Maniac Pro

Notable feature:

  • The app is simple to use
  • The music app is not huge and works well on different types of devices
  • You can use it to search for music and titles of a song
  • Listen to the song before you download it to the download location
  • The songs available to listen offline

App 3 – Google Play Music

best music downloaderIf you need a daily driver to download free or purchase songs to listen to even when offline Google Play Music is the solution. Depending on your mood, the app will provide you with what you want to hear. Browse through different genres and radio stations to listen, as it is one of the best music downloader platforms available on the internet. Not only is it suitable for Android users but great to use on iOS or the web free. You need to subscribe to the Google Play Music platform and once done you have access to millions of on-demand songs that is completely ad-free. If you choose you can listen to free music downloads offline. This is one of the best-designed UI on the web. The only downside is you need to subscribe to the app on a monthly basis. As per it’s one of the best music app.

Size: This depends on the device you use

Download: you can download the Google Play Music HERE

Key features:

  • A free music download app presenting you with different types of music and you need to subscribe
  • Designed with a built-in music player
  • You can listen to music offline or stream music online
  • There are no interfering ads
  • The app is updated on a frequent basis

App 4 – 4Shared Music

best music downloaderThe 4Shared Music Downloader free Mp3 app is popular amongst many music listeners. This app allows you to search for your favorite tunes, and you can add tracks directly to your phone’s playlist. This feature is superb as it allows you to listen to music later. The other standout characteristic of this app is you can enjoy live stream music and videos. You have the preference if you want to browse through the wide selection of files or simply use the available file sharing and storage app. Further, it offers you 15GB storage of free music downloads for Android devices and you can upload tracks directly from your device and share it with others on the 4Shared Music app.

Size: 9.60MB

Download: 4Shared Music available HERE to download

Guide: How To Download Free Music Via 4Shared App

Some of the app’s amazing features:

  • You receive 15GB storage
  • You can share your music with other account holders
  • Enjoy live streaming music and videos
  • Has a browser to search the wide selection of music available
  • Can download music directly to your Android music playlist

App 5 – Simple MP3 Downloader

best music downloaderFor unlimited tune downloads, the Simple Mp3 Downloader is suitable to use with your Android. You can use it as a music downloader for Mp3 format songs. The app has an easy user interface and you can search from the tab loads of music genres and albums. Further, it has an auto-completion search features but still remains a basic app. There are ads and the applications not updated and do not give you customer support.

Size: 2.5 Mb

Download: Click to download Simple Mp3 Downloader App

Notable Features:

  • Search for songs and artists
  • Tons of tunes available to download
  • Simple to use with a basic interface
  • Designed with auto-completion

App 6 – SoundCloud  

best music downloaderEnjoy free music with SoundCloud and listen to your desired tracks. This is a free Mp3 music downloader to enjoy online streaming and offline use. There are no subscription fees or trials and no limit to what you want to download. Create playlists from a wide selection of genres and use the user-friendly interface. There are features included such as fast-forward, shuffle, and repeat. Further, you get background playback. There are in-app purchase offers and ads when using the application.

Size: Depends on your device and suitable to use with Android 4.0.3 and up

Download: you can find the app available HERE

Important Features:

  • Find trendy music in different genres with the app
  • Search the artist or song title
  • Can stream music from popular artists
  • You can create your own playlist
  • Designed with an audio player and you can enjoy background playback
  • Further, you can repeat or shuffle songs

App 7 – Advanced Download Manager

best music downloaderIf you need the best free music download app for Android phones the ADM is the one to have. Although, this is a versatile download app you can still use it to download MP2 songs directly to your mobile device. The great thing about the app is it gives you functionality without paying extra charges. There is a pro version available, but if you use music downloader free, you will find annoying ads popping up. Further, the Pro ADM offers you advanced settings to use. If you do decide to use the Advanced Download Manager, it is not only an app but gives you a flexible platform with frequent updates available. Another downside to take into consideration is you cannot use the app for downloading music on YouTube

Size: Depends on the device you use

Download: Advanced Download Managers available to download HERE

Guide Video:

Video Source: Albert Gazetdinov

Some of the applications astonishing features:

  • The ADM is an all-round app and not only a music download application
  • Offers you an easy-to-use interface and you can download any music files directly from the internet
  • You receive frequent updates to free music downloads for your Android device
  • There are annoying add but you can remove it by using the Pro version

App 8 – CopyLeft Music Downloader

best music downloaderWith the CopyLeft Music Downloader, you can download and stream your favorite song. All you need is your internet connection to download free music directly to your Android device. You can only listen and download music available on the CopyLeft app as they have a Creative Common License. The positive side is you will find different genres of music available from famous artists when searching the application. One more amazing thing is you can use the Mp3 music downloader to store music on your device. This is great as you can listen to songs whenever you like. This is one of the best free music download app for Android platforms.

Size: 2.5MB

Download: CopyLeft HERE

Prime features of CopyLeft:

  • Works well on Android 2.2 and up
  • Further, it has a 100% safe security level
  • All you need is an internet connection
  • The CopyLeft version has different artist available to choose
  • Can download free music and store it on your mobile device

App 9 – SuperCloud Song Music Downloader

best music downloaderOne of the best Mp3 downloader’s is the SuperCloud app. You can find thousands of tunes while using your Android phone. Stream songs and listen to the tunes online or download it to your device. You can search by artist or song title in the search tab and the app has a small size taking up little space on your phone. Further, it is simple to use and does contain ads. Further, it does not include a huge database of music and not updated for a long time.

Size: 1.57 Mb

Download: you can find the application HERE

Highlighted Features:

  • Find thousands of Mp3 songs
  • Search by artist or song title through the app
  • Small in size and takes up little memory space
  • Has a simple interface

App 10 – Free Mp3 Downloads

best music downloaderIf you need a music downloader free of charge, the Free Mp3 Downloads version is the best to use on your Android phone. With this app, you can listen and download songs that are legal and licensed to use. Setting up the app is straightforward. Once you enter your search inquiry and press the enter button you will be amazed by all the Mp3 songs available to download. All that’s left for you to do is select the preferred song to download directly to your cell phones memory card. By using the listen, tab you can decide which song to download free. The apps easy-to-use for free music downloads and you can use it as a music player as well. The other exceptional thing is the applications available in different language options. The Free Mp3 Downloads uses a basic interface and has a limited database. Further, there is no premium version available to remove the ads.

Size: Depends on the device you are using

Download: the free app for your Android HERE

Main features:

  • You can download music free and it is easy-to-use
  • You can search the app for your favorite songs
  • You can listen to music in the Preview section before downloading it to your device
  • The music is saved in a separate folder on your SD card

App 11 – GTunes

Music Downloader FreeWhen one views GTunes it makes you think of “iTunes,” the only difference is this version is the best music downloader to listen to free music. Downloading the app is simple and allows you to search for different music files. Once you have found your favorite song, you can download it directly to your device to listen offline. This is a perfect choice if you do not need a download manager and prefer finding the latest songs through the search engine. Further, you can use it with the Google collection music and you can search by artist or song name. The downside is it does work with ads, has a basic UI, and not been updated since 2012 and unfortunately, they have stopped their support.

Size: 723 Kb

Download: you can download the app HERE free

Most important features:

  • The app has a simple user interface and the music is legal and free
  • Works well on low-end devices and is small in size
  • Can use the Google Music to download Mp3 songs
  • You can search for your favorite artist or song from different search engines

App 12 – Gaana for Bollywood Radio & Songs

best music downloaderIf you enjoy listening to Bollywood music, Gaana is your one-stop music downloader free to use. You get unlimited access to Mirchi Regional Music & Radio, Hindi Songs, and Bollywood Music. Enjoy from old classics to new songs as the app offers you a download in 9 different languages. Browse through the top charts and explore new and interesting music you like. You can even find famous artist such as Rihanna, Taylor Swift, Eminem and more. There are more than 30 million Mp3 songs available in Bollywood and English to choose. The great thing is you can save your songs in different playlists on your phone but it does need internet access. There is also a Gaana Plus version available that offers you offline use compared to the Gaana app and it is advertisement free.

Size: 13.63Mb

Download: you can download the app HERE free

Main features:

  • You get access to millions of Mp3 songs
  • You can save the songs to your playlist
  • Can listen to the radio non-stop
  • Available in different languages
  • Music is updated daily

App 13 – Hungama Music

best music downloaderWith the Hungama Music app, you can enjoy listening to music online. This is another free music download app for Android devices offering you Bollywood, Hindi, English and more songs and music videos. Select your preferred genre from more than millions of music videos and sons. Use the mood and discovery feature and choose songs according to your mood. The other exceptional thing with this Mp3 music downloader is you’re rewarded with points when interacting with the app. The platform allows you to share songs, create a playlist, or invite friends. The points you can redeem for discount vouchers, merchandise and more.  There are loads of subscription plans available with unlimited songs to download with offline caching. The downside with this music app is you can only use it online, however, with the pro version you can enjoy listening to music offline without those annoying ads.

Size: You need to have Android 4.1 and up

Download: you can download the music app HERE

Amazing features:

  • Multiple genres available
  • You can find music according to your mood with the discover feature
  • Watch music videos and find lyrics to your favorite song
  • You receive points you can redeem
  • The apps available in five languages

App 14 – Itube

free music download apps for androidIf you need a free music, download app for your Android device Itube can help you out. This is a simple application to use and it offers you a load of features. You can filter your music search selection and it has an advanced music player that consists of repeat and shuffle. You can create your own playlist with the songs you have selected and listen to your songs downloaded to your SD card. Change your background theme and customize it to suit your style. If you want to listen to music offline, you need to download the Itube pro version supporting all audio formats. What the application does is allow you to search for music in the public domains. With two easy steps, you search for songs and with a tap; you download it to your phone.

Size: You need to have Android 4.0.3 and up

Download: you can download the music app HERE

Standout features:

  • Has a simple UI to use
  • Provides you with a search engine to find your music and filter it
  • Designed with advanced music player
  • You can create your own playlist
  • The apps customizable with changing background themes

App 15 – Mp3 Music Download

best music downloaderFor a highly developed free music download app the Mp3 Music Download is the one to have. This app allows you to search, listen, and download music. There are millions of tunes available to listen online and download. When using the music downloader you may stumble across the lyrics as well. The app is small and the interface is basic. The Mp3 music downloader, unfortunately, works with ads and not updated since 2014.

Size: 858KB

Download: you can download the music app HERE

Notable features:

  • The app is not big and has a simple interface
  • You can get free music to download to your Android device and offers you MP3 format
  • Using the app is easy and very small in size with lesser resources
  • You can search for your favorite song to download

App 16 – Music Download Elite

best music downloaderThe Music Download Elite you can use on your PC and Android device. The app is more search based to use than a free music download for Android users. Further, the app works with LeadBolt advertisement notifications and banner ads. With the search tool, you can find sound effects, free music, and ringtones to download to your mobile phone. The application is still in experimental phase with constant changes taking place.

Size: 473KB

Download: you can download the Music Download Elite HERE

App 17 – Napster Music

best music downloaderWith Napster, you can download on-demand music to use offline further; you can create your own favorite song playlists. The only downside is that the app is a 30-day free trial version giving you access to more than millions of songs. After the trial version is over it becomes a paid subscription. Further, there is no commitment and you can cancel the app subscription anytime. The music app is ad free and allows you to listen to your music uninterrupted. The music platform works on different devices Android, iOS, and Windows. Included you receive audio hardware such as Wii U, Chromecast and more.

Size: Depends on the device you use

Download: you can download it HERE

App 18 – Omega MP3 Downloader

best music downloaderFor a straightforward Mp3 downloader Omega offers you a basic IU to search for your preferred music. Once you have located the song you can download it to your phone. The apps specifically designed for downloading music files and you can use it as download manager as well. The negative side is you may not always find what you are looking for in the database. The positive side is it does have a remarkable download speed.

Size: 3.4 Mb

Download: you can find the Omega MP3 Downloader HERE

App 19 – Pep MP3 Downloader

best music downloaderThe Pep Mp3 Downloader is the same as any other free music download app. You simply search for the song you want to download but do have a small difference. It gives you the capability to check your file size before you do your music download. This is a great feature to have as it shows you the quality of the file. The speed for downloading music is fast. The downloads’ done directly from The music downloader’s based on a HOLO interface and you have themes you can choose. Further, you can download several tunes simultaneously.

Size: 1.3 Mb

Download: you can find the Mp3 music downloader HERE

Main Features:

  • You can share songs via SoundHound, Shazam, and TrackID
  • You can see the quality and size on the song list of the files
  • Change your theme from light to dark
  • You can listen to music via live streaming
  • Download several songs at the same time
  • Can establish the song download as a ringtone easily

App 20 – Radio Player by Audials

best music downloaderThe Radio Player by Audials is a top free music download app for Android devices. With the app, you can listen to Internet Radio and record MP3 music free. You can find clock radio, podcasts, and Audials available over 100k radio stations. The great thing is you can listen to East Coast, South Coast, Midwest, and West Coast stations. With one single click, record your favorite song. Search for your preferred artist or music type and the Radio Player will find it for you. You can find tunes in AAC-Audio and MP3 stream. Save the recordings to your SD card or Cloud Manager and wake up in the morning to your preferred radio station with Clock Radio.

Size: Depends on the device you use

Download: you can find the Audials Radio Player HERE

Foremost Features:

  • Can download tunes to a Cloud Manager or SD-memory card
  • Wakes you up with Clock Radio and has a snooze function with sleep timer
  • Record music from 100k radio stations on the internet
  • Can find new web radios with the app
  • Not only for downloading music, you can listen to podcasts and more
  • Supports Chromecast
  • Works in your car if you have an Android based radio system and you can adapt the sound with an amplifying system or your headphones
  • Provides wireless music syncing

App 21 – Rock My Run

Music Downloader FreeDo you enjoy a pumping workout while listening to music, the Rock my Run will give you the motivation you need. Enjoy craft mixes by famous DJs built around beats per minute to keep you going. There are different songs available from Pandora Radio, Spotify, and Songza. Adjust the music tempo and create playlists according to your lifestyle and needs. Listen to different genres of music and use it at the gym or even on the couch. Further, it works well with different tracking apps as well. The negative part of this app this is a trial version giving you access to thousands of workout music. Once reaching the end of the trial there is limited access.

Size: Depends on the device you use and works with Android 4.0 and up

Download: you can find the Rock my Run available HERE

Leading Features:

  • Enjoy exercising to pumped up music by renowned DJs
  • The mixes built in BPM to help you keep going
  • Different radio stations with upbeat songs available
  • Adjust the music tempo to match your goal
  • Choose your music from different tune genres
  • Works with tracking apps

App 22 – SoundLoad

free music download apps for androidSoundLoad works in comparison with SoundCloud APK app. This is a great free music download app giving you premium downloads of your favorite songs. Search for tunes online and once you have bought the songs via SoundCloud, you can download it to your device. There is licensed music available under the free to use section. The app is easy to use and the official purchase links provided SoundCloud.

The app works as follow:

  1. Launch SoundCloud through the SoundLoad app
  2. Choose your song
  3. Tap on the share button
  4. Select the SoundLoad app from the list and you are done

Size: 4.6 Mb

Download: you can find the app available HERE

App 23 – Tubemate YouTube Downloader

best music downloaderWith the Tubemate, you can download tunes directly from YouTube to your mobile phone. The great thing is you can enjoy viewing the music videos saved on your SD card whenever you want. The app has an included browser to search for your favorite songs. There are different resolutions available to view videos to download and compatible with different Android devices.

Note: If you want to convert these video songs in mp3 format, Here are some best mp3 converters OR you can also use Mp3 Juice for it.

Size: 6.02 Mb

Download: you can find the application HERE

App 24 – Tunee Music 

best music downloaderNeed a free music download app for your Android look no further than the Tunee Music app. You can find a wide selection of Mp3 music while searching the app. Search the explore box for your desired track by artist, album, genre or name. There is a download option available to listen to the music later. Further, it has a simple design and is easy to use without hidden charges.

Size: 1.7 Mb

Download: you can find Tunee Music HERE

App 25 – Wynk Music 

best music downloaderNo matter what your mood may be Wynk Music has free tunes for you to lift up your mood. Find over 2.6 million tunes from Indian to International songs. There are different types of music available from Bollywood to Retro songs. On the other hand, you can use Wynk as a music player to play your saved songs. Enjoy the live stream of music and create your own playlists. You can also subscribe to stream ad-free music as well.

Size: Varies with the device you use

Download: you can find Wynk HERE

Outstanding Features:

  • Stream over millions of songs from Indian to International tunes
  • Works as a Mp3 music player
  • Enjoy buffer free streaming of music even if you have a low internet speed
  • Cannot find what you are looking for set a caller ring back tone
  • Listen to hours of internet radio
  • Can buy albums
  • Compatible with Chromecast

Final Thoughts

Free music downloads for Android devices are easy to find when using our 25 Best Free Mp3 Music Downloader App list. No matter what your taste in music is, you can find legal music to download directly to your phone with one of the mentioned applications. There are many downloader apps available to stream live music or store on your device and we hope that our guide helps you to find unlimited Mp3 free and premium downloads. Enjoy dancing or exercising with your favorite music app as the preference of choosing the best one for your lifestyle and needs remains with you.

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