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Music download has been increasingly popular and at this rate, nothing can reduce the amount of people who will stream and songs on their mobile devices. We are getting to the point where our phones can do everything from setting alarms, performing calculations – to creating full on schedules and forecasting the weather. We have coma a long way since the mobile phone was invented and now we are in the brink of a new age.

When it comes to free music download, there is no better place to do it than from your mobile phone. Since our phones can do everything these days, with the amount of storage they come with, they might as well be our music library. So do you have an android phone and are looking to download free music on it? Then you will be pleased as we show you the best music downloader apps out there.

Best Free Music Download Apps For Android 2017 | Legal Music Download Apps & Sites

Music Downloader Free

When thinking about an MP3 downloader for android, there are lots of options and there are times when it can be overwhelming. You may have preferences and you may not know the app which would suit you the most. That is why I am writing this. Find below a nice selection of MP3 music download apps and you will find about just the right amount of information needed in order to let you know what app you should be downloading for your music needs.

Music Paradise Pro Downloader

best music downloaderLooking for free music on your android? Then this easy-to-use app will make sure you get what you want easily. Using a search bar, you can type in search criteria for the song you want and let the app find it. All you have to deal with is the spontaneous ads which show up from time to time.

This app offers free mp3 music download for those of us who I enjoy it. The app has some good features. It is fast as it concerns music downloads and you can also stream music with this app. It is free so that is also a huge plus. This app does not actually keep the music you download from it and that makes it legal as well. It uses search engine technology to fetch the audio files which are requested by the user and this limits liability. Smart move.

Video Source: Lidia Rivera


  • It is completely free
  • Legal music available


Surprisingly, there are some popular songs which cannot be found using this app. That is something that does not work for me.

Download Music Paradise Pro

Music Maniac Pro

best music downloader

All you need to now about this application is that it has in its database a collection of the hottest and newest music so if you want to be up to date in your music listening, then you want to try this app. Music Maniac Pro has been rated highly ever since it was developed and over 100,000 downloads cant be wrong.

Download Music Maniac Pro

Google Play Music

best music downloaderThis app is a good one. It has so many features and eyes it is owned by Google themselves so it has to be good. You can subscribe to podcasts on the app, and you even have free online space to store your music – cool right? There is a free plan and also a subscription plan for those who want additional features. This app can be enjoyed on android, iOS, and web. The app has a rating of 3.9 on the android store and though it is not the highest rated music downloader, it is quite effective and that is how it has managed to have millions of downloads.

This is straight from Google itself. This app is capable of becoming your own music player and managing all of your tunes for you. By having a Google account which is synced with this app, your entire music library can be uploaded and you can even listen to it on other devices as well. But that is all upload. Google play music is beautiful for free music downloads as well. You can search for songs all over the internet and the enormous databases which this app has access to will deliver your music in seconds. As per it’s one of the best music app.


  • Smart recommendations based on user taste
  • Online radio
  • Listen to free music online without downloading


  • Interface is not so easy to use
  • Setup is a nightmare

Download Google Play Music

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Simple Mp3 Downloader

best music downloaderAn MP3 downloader may not be so hard to find in this day and age but we are talking about getting something that is easy to use and functional at the same time. This simple MP3 downloader does just that. With a plain interface on a background, all you have to do is type in the search words of the song you are looking for. A user can search by artist name, song title, genre, writer and more. And once you hit search, you relax and let the songs find you.

Download Simple Mp3 Downloader

SuperCloud Song Music Downloader

best music downloaderIf you are looking for an app which lets you download free music comfortably, then you want to look at this app. The interface is easy to use and you can say it is user-friendly. The search bar allows a user to enter keywords pertaining to the song they want to download and within seconds, suggestions are made available. Another thing of note is that pretty much every android user can enjoy this app as it is supported and can work on any android phone from version 2.2 and above.

You can get this music downloader free of charge online. Basically, what you can do with this music downloading app is listening, and downloading your favorite music for free. It features a smooth design and navigation within the app is simple enough for anyone to grasp in seconds. To search, simple enter the song name, artist, or genre and the app does its thing. If you enjoy free music downloads, then you will like this app.


  • Supports audio streaming
  • Quick search


The app is just there and there are no extra features. You come in, get your song, get out.

Download SuperCloud Song

Free Mp3 Downloads

best music downloaderWith a name like that, it is going to have to be good. So what do you expect to get with this free music download app? Well that’s about it, free music downloads. This android app for downloading the music is available on the Google play store and you can get it for free. The app lets you surf through a large database and get just the tunes you are looking for in no time at all. You can listen to the songs online if you please and that it a feature which ensures that you do not download the wrong song.

This app is effective and has little or no complaints about it. Designed with a dark background, this app makes it easy for users to stream and download music with no hassle. This app gives the impression that anybody can use it – that is how simple the interface is.


  • Easy to use
  • Visible search bar
  • Great streaming capabilities


The search algorithm is not the best especially when it comes to the artists. You may type in a simple artist name and get thousands of unrelated results

Download Mp3 Downloads


best music downloaderThis is another exceptional way to download free music. 4shared is built on a platform of music sharing where users all over the world can get music they want from other users. This is amazing and this app brings all that magic to your mobile. This app doesn’t just offer free music downloads for android, but gives you a chance to also share your own library, create mega playlists and more. 4shared has been around for a long time and they also have a functional website which offers the same file sharing service.

Having been in the industry for a while, this becomes one of the most popular free music download apps for android. It is available for download on the Google play store and it works right out of the box. With this app, you do not only get to use it only as a free music downloader, but you can upload your own music on it and share with others who may need it. This is what has made the 4shared community so big.


  • 15GB online space to upload your own songs
  • Great Interface
  • Search suggestions


The database is somewhat limited. Since this app has people sharing content, there could be some copyright issues every once in a bit and some songs are deleted.

Download 4Shared

Rock My Run

Music Downloader Free

Let us kick off with this one and you will understand why in a minute. Rock my run is a free music downloads app which you can easily get on the play store.  This app is amazing because it picks out music for your workout. Top DJs around the world collaborated on this app and that has resulted in a music app that encourages you to move and keeps you going all the way.  So why did we start off with this? Well it is going to help us keep going.

Top DJs and music producers collaborated to release this mega music app which words according to your mood and stamina during a workout. This is a great app for people who love music and exercise at the same time. The audio selection and tempo transition is a thing of note here not to mention the fact that the app is smart and you almost feel like your mind is being red as it rocks your world during your workout. This app is available for android and iPhone


  • Wide variation of genres
  • Let’s you explore new music for running
  • Special playlists to match your heartrate


  • Setup is not simple, should be improved
  • Songs are near ‘chipmunk’ style when at high tempos

Download Rock My Run

Advanced Download Manager

best music downloaderThis is a good one for those who are looking to get free music downloads for android. This app does not only download music; it downloads everything including video and apps. What is nice about this app is that you can handle multiple downloads at the same time thus saving you time and energy. If you download a lot of things then you would want to consider this app. It will be worth your while.

Video Source: Albert Gazetdinov

Using this app is a great way to fill up your music library. It is not a music app per se as it can download any file but for those music lovers out there, it could be quite useful. It can queue up downloads and can download up to three files at once – see why I said it is a great way to fill up your library? Users have said that it is the IDM for android phones.


  • Video streaming available
  • Good quality videos download


  • Ads are annoying and can cause your phone to vibrate – fake virus alerts

Download Advanced Download Manager

Tubemate YouTube Downloader

best music downloaderThis is a good app though I can’t really say it is MP3, you use it to get videos directly from YouTube to your phone and that is great for visual music lovers.  Videos downloaded are good quality nd they are stored straight unto your device memory. Should you want to convert them later, there are apps to do that for you too.


  • Streaming feature
  • Up to date music information
  • Easy to use


  • The app may get slow sometimes depending on the android version you use

Download Tubemate

Hungama Music

best music downloaderThis is another one of the free music download apps for android. This app has a database of over 3.5million songs which cut across different genres and regions. On this app you can get English songs as well as chartbusters in Hindi, Bengali, and more. It is available on the android market with a rating of 4.2 so you can tell that it has to be a good one.


  • Automatic downloading
  • Great song recommendations


  • Interface is not so easy to use

Download Hungama Music

Copyleft Music Downloader

best music downloaderIt has never been easier to get mp3 music download free. Another app which is wonderful in accomplishing this end is this one right here. This app works well in letting you stream and download music of your choice. It is completely legal to get songs from this app as it only uses music under its licence. It is a great app and since it is free, there is no reason not to try it out.

This lightweight app lets users not only download but stream mp3 free of charge. The app has a search feature which lets you quickly find the files you are looking for whether you search by name, album, or artist. The fact that the app only uses up about 3MB of your phone storage makes it ideal for any kind of user.


  • Dynamic search feature
  • Light weight app
  • Legal music


Interface is basic and offers no innovation in terms of design

Download Copyleft

G Tunes

Music Downloader Free

This app has a fairly simple design and its functionalities are easy to grasp. It lets you stream and download music, then music can be stored in your devices memory card that way it is always available to you. Users rate this app highly because since its first version there has been little or no cause for complaints. They work well n fixing any bugs and all who use this app can testify about how easy it is.

Download G Tunes

Tunee Music

best music downloaderThis app gives music lovers access to free music streaming and download and though it is a third party app (not available on the app store), it does not require rooting of your android device. Even if you use android versions old as gingerbread, this app would still work with your phone and this is one thing which has helped them maintain a loyal fan base. The database on this app holds millions of songs and they cut across diverse genres. You just have to know the name of the artist or song you are looking for.


  • Audio download quality is superb
  • Music is free and legal


  • No predictive search
  • App crashes sometimes

Download Tunee

Omega Mp3 Downloader

best music downloaderOmega MP3 downloader is a swell means of getting free MP3 direct to your phone. This app has wonderful features such as streaming and downloading music, you also get the ability to play music in the background while enjoying other features on your phone.

Download Omega Mp3


best music downloaderMP3 music download had never been so fun as it is with this soundcloud app. Imagine the world’s most creative musical minds all in one place and this is what you get. Soundcloud has over 150 million songs in its database and you can save your playlists offline. Mainstream artists also do have their soundcloud channels but they use it to promote their more creative content – the type that is too deep for the billboard charts (you didn’t hear that from me)


  • Music on the go with external playlist feature
  • Creative songs


  • Not all songs can be downloaded
  • Popular songs such as billboard hits are barely available

Download Soundcloud


best music downloaderThis is an Indian based app which is awesome for the music lover. It has a nice interface and the album art for the songs are displayed stylishly. As a matter of fact, it has one of the best interfaces of any app on this list


  • Gapless playback
  • Sweet interface


  • Some songs on their website are not available on the app – that’s a bummer

Download Gaana

Mp3 Music Download

best music downloaderThis app is developed by free music Inc. and it is a great tool which helps users search for, stream, and download music of their choice. This app has some special features including chart support which recommends music to the listener. This app is brilliant in helping the listener discover new sounds as an addition to all the other awesome capabilities it has.

Download Mp3 Music


best music downloaderNapstar music downloader offers streaming, downloads, and playlist on their platform. This is one of the platforms where you do not have to deal with annoying ads and that makes it cool if I say so myself. And even though they have good reason for it, the slight discomfort for many users is the fact that after the initial 30-day trial, you are required to pay in order to continue enjoying the songs


  • Ad free
  • Top quality streaming and downloads


  • After 30 days, you have to pay if you want to keep using the app

Download Napstar

Music Download Elite

best music downloaderThis is another very light app which does a great job in getting those songs for us to stream and download our favourite tracks free of charge. One of the things which make this so light is that it is among the ones that use search engine technology to connect to other databases that actually hosts songs. If you enjoy free music download that Is fast and effective, this is your app.


  • Light weigh app (less than 1MB)
  • Top quality streaming and downloads


  • Ads make the app annoying

Download Music Elite

Wynk Music

best music downloaderThis app has got a good amount of flavor to it. It doesn’t contain only chart toppers in America but in India as well. With over 2.7 million songs in its database, Wynk music has become a trusted source for free music downloads for android. With genres like pop, rock, emotional, Bollywood, Punjabi, tamil and more, there is little chance you would not find what you are looking for here.

Wynk offers a large database of up to 2.6 million songs and is available in about 212 languages – that makes it a good place to get mp3 music download for an android phone. Music lovers love this app because it has more categories and genres then a traditional mp3 downloader for android. You can find genres such as devotional, emotional, romantic, Bengali, Telugu and a lot more. This app also supports streaming so you know what you are about to download before you get it.


  • Good collection
  • Easy to use


  • Streaming takes time and can be slow
  • Biased database

Download Wynk Music

Radio Player By Audials

best music downloaderThis is an innovative app which fives music lovers access to over 80,000 radio stations. This is how it works. When you hear a song you love, you can immediately use the recording function to get it onto your phone as MP3. This is sweet. The recorded version of the song downloads in top quality and is available offline. This is one of the only apps around which have an online recording feature and that makes it a unique, must-have app.


  • Easy to use
  • Visible search bar
  • Great streaming capabilities


  • The search algorithm is not the best especially when it comes to the artists. You may type in a simple artist name and get thousands of unrelated results

Download Radio Player

Pep! MP3 Downloader

best music downloaderAs far as music downloader apps go, this deserves a 9/10 rating because it is one of the simplest apps to use so it is sometimes a surprise when users discover how effective it is. The developers did well with this one. So to the features – it allows users to stream music online, it has a nice search function which shows you the size of the MP3 files as it is showing you results and more.


  • Streaming feature
  • Up to date music information
  • Easy to use


  • The app may get slow sometimes depending on the android version you use

Download Pep


Here we are, no matter what your taste is; you know what to expect from these apps in case you have been looking o download any of the above. Music downloader apps are all over the place and I could never review them all as more are being released by the minute. SO let this be a guide as you enjoy unlimited free and premium MP3 downloads

Music downloader apps are an essential for a lot of people and that is because music on its own is essential. Being able to find music on the go has become a major need and that is a core benefit as to why these apps are here. They are simple to use and highly beneficial but here is the other part –they are all free as well. So there is no excuse as to why you shouldn’t have your favorite songs with you everywhere you go – the apps are right there.



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