The Internet has greatly revolutionized the music industry.  We no longer have to buy CDs or other physical storage devices to get music. With an internet-enabled device, we can simply listen to and download any song we want. This convenience, brought about by the internet, has been unrivalled. New and innovative music apps & websites have sprung up as a result of the internet. Some of them allow us to stream music online without having to download. Others allow us to search for and download music online in various formats. The one common thing here is that all these music apps and websites allow us access to new music, right from the comfort of our internet-enabled devices. CD stores are quickly becoming history, as we can discover new music and artistes right from our bedrooms. Here, we will review one of such music apps – The 4Shared Mp3 Music downloader App. This app has been around for a while, and we will study what has helped it last so long in this quickly evolving music world.

What is the 4Shared Music App?

4shared music downloader free

4Shared is a music app that allows users to download and stream their favorite songs right from their smartphones. This app offers a wide range of services and it is quite popular amongst music lovers. It offers you access to tens of millions of songs, and has a user base of over 1 billion plus. 4shared supports over 16 languages, and is the go-to app for a diverse musical experience. So you might be thinking, how does 4shared download music? Well, a technicality of how 4shared download music is simple. The app simply searches its database of music for whatever search input you entered and you are provided with relevant results by this mp3 music downloader free of charge. That answers the question – how does 4shared download music?  The 4shared music free downloader possesses many other distinct features that set it apart from other typical mp3 music download and streaming services.


Download and Stream Music for free: This is the primary aim of the 4shared music app and it does this extremely well. The quality of the audio file downloaded is of a very high quality. The quality of the streamed music is also top-notch. So basically, you have access to the 4shared music downloader free of charge.

Ability to create your playlist: With the 4shared music app, you can create your own music playlist and share with friends. You can also download this playlist for offline listen. This feature allows you to put all your favorite songs in one place.

Provision of Cloud Storage to store songs: 4shared provides you with 15 GB worth of cloud storage to upload and share your own music files or to simply store audio files if you do not want to use up your device memory. This is a unique feature that has won the many hearts of the 4shared Mp3 Music downloader users.

Upload music from phone to 4shared app: You are provided with an option to upload audio files from your phone to the 4shared app. These files can then be shared with other users. This collaborative environment is one feature that upcoming artistes can effectively use to get people to listen to their music.

Large Database: The 4shared music database is HUGE! Users are provided with access to over tens of millions of songs. There is rarely a song you search for that you will not find on 4shared. In fact, some music downloaders rely on 4shared’s database of songs for access to music whenever their users make a search.

Social: There are various social sign in options available on the 4shared music app, so finding your friends is just buttons away. You can also share music findings and playlists on various social media platforms. These social options ensure you always stay up to date with your friend’s music findings.

Music Playback Support: The 4shared Mp3 Music downloader app has a very dependable music playback support.

Access to Radio Stations: 4shared allows you listen to radio stations online, offering you access to musical diversity.

Optimized Search: Searching for music on 4shared is a fast and wonderful experience. The app’s predictive search capability provides intelligent suggestions with each letter you type into the search bar. Also, the search speed is lightning fast. When you think about the number of songs in the 4shared database, the speed of search is even more impressive.


Free: This is the most amazing advantage of the 4shared music app – users get unlimited access to every feature of the 4shared music downloader free of charge.

Good User Interface and Experience: The design of the 4shared Mp3 Music downloader app is very impressive. It is easy to use and its functionalities are intuitive. No menu options are hidden, guaranteeing a sweet user experience. Sign up is also very easy and can be done in less than a minute. One can tell that as much thought was put into the design of the app as was put into developing its functionalities.


Missing on Screen Widget: This is a slight disadvantage, as there is no quick access to the 4shared app on Android phones. Given its many features, odds are that the app will be very often used, hence there should be a screen widget for easy access to the app.

Contains Ads: Ads are often discomforting and could pop up when you least expect, disturbing your experience whilst using the app. Many users might find the ads uncomfortable.

How to Install the 4Shared Music App

Android: Installing 4shared music free downloader on an Android phone is a piece of cake. Simply download the app from the Google Play Store and proceed to install it. Sign up and enjoy free access to all the features we listed earlier.

iOS/iPhone: Installing the 4shared music app is also easy on the iOS. The 4shared Mp3 Music downloader app can be downloaded from the Apple store via this link. Once you have signed up, you will be granted unlimited access to the mp3 music downloader free of charge.

Windows Phone: The same thing applies to Windows phones. Simply download the app from the windows store and sign up to enjoy its features.

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The 4shared music free downloader is definitely one into which much thought was put into. Its numerous distinct features are testament to this fact. The best part is that you have access to the features of the 4shared music downloader free of charge. 4shared was obviously created for those who love music so much, and I am pretty sure it checks all the boxes of their possible requirements.

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