In the world today, music is all about moods and currents. You may be in there mood for classical music at a particular time and the next you want hip hop – alright that is a bad example but the point is clear. Being able to have a trusted app from which you can update your music library at any point becomes an essential for all who love music.

So tinkering around the Google play store, seeing all the apps which offer free music downloads, we came across the mp3 music downloader known as 4shared. If you have heard that name before, it is probably because they have been in the market for a long time as a website which offers file sharing.


4shared music downloader free

To say it simply, 4Shared music free downloader for android is an app which gives users the opportunity to get free music of any kind downloaded to their mobile devices and used whenever they – the users – like. With over 100,000 downloads on the app store, the app in question has caught on, becoming a renowned source from free MP3s of any genre.

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First thing one needs to know about this mp3 music downloader is that this app is completely free and it is so easy to use. To download this app, all a user has to do is get to the Google play store and type in the keywords (4shared) and it is the first thing which shows up on your screen.

Once the app is downloaded to your android phone and installed, navigate to the app and tap on it. The first time you open the app, you are required to enter a username and password, if you have not previously opened a 4Shared account, you can do so in a few minutes within the app.

Once he account is set up and you log into the app, then comes the fun. Downloading from the 4Shared app has never been easier. Upon getting to open the app, there is a search bar which connects you to whatever files you are looking for. In the case of music, you can search by using various keywords such as the artiste, or the song name, even the album, record label or year of release are all valid and what the app does is that it cross-references these keywords with all the files in their database. After a few seconds, you get matching suggestions which are closest to what you are looking for.

Once you tap on the song you want, you get options on whether to stream, or download straight up. You tp on your preferred option and there you go.


FEATURES4shared music downloader free

When reviewing an MP3 music downloader, of course there features becomes the first thing which determine whether or not a person is going to download. 4shared music downloader free has a good amount of features which make it worth considering. Let’s look at some of them

Security – Believe it or not, the developers of this app have ensured that this app is there most secure music downloader app available in the market today. Even though it is required to open an account – which s free of course – on the service, there is little or no chance that you will receive spam emails r that a virus is going to infect your device.

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Huge Database – Again this is another bold claim. On the 4Shared music free downloader, there are over 10 million songs in the database here. This means that there is no way one can exhaust the library on this app. To add to this, it should be known the above mentioned figure is what is available on 4shared cloud storage in terms of music, this app also shares other media type files and documents and even apps. If we are to consider the external cloud platforms which 4shared users can benefit from, we would be looking at over 30 million files.

Clean design – This may not seem like much but music download app can be complicated in its usage and the design tells a lot any given app. The 4shared music free downloader has an excellent design and anyone who can use an android phone can easily navigate.

Music Streaming – When a user finds a song they are looking for, the streaming feature of this app makes it possible to hear what you are downloading before you download it. You can check for audio quality, noise, and other things. Perhaps you just want to listen and not download; the streaming feature gives lots of options.

Cloud Storage – Being a part of the 4Shared community means that you do not only get to download songs, you get to upload your own files either for just storage or for sharing them with other users. So you have a free cloud storage platform just by signing up to use the 4Shared music app.

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Create Albums and playlists – This app truly does it all for the music lover. Within the app, a user can create an album and also playlists with different tracks to fit different moods.


Well it wouldn’t be fair if we didn’t mention one thing this app does not have. When using an app, there is a certain convenience in having an on-screen widget which would make the app easily accessible to users – this app does not have an on-screen widget so whenever a person wants to use the app, they have to navigate to the app itself. It could be a bit inconveniencing when one uses the app a lot.


There has never been a more secure mp3 music downloader free of charge and that is why one should take advantage of the 4Shared platform. Users can enjoy unlimited music and other file sharing options not to mention that it is completely free of charge.

The next time you are in any mood to get a song or any file for that matter from the internet, then get the 4shared music app and within minutes, you would be enjoying music like never before.

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