Videos are a very important part of the music industry. As music lovers, we always want to watch our favorite artistes in their music videos. There are several dedicated music video channels on TV, and virtually all music videos are usually uploaded on YouTube. With the advent of smartphones and the internet, we can easily access our favorite music videos and watch them till we get tired. But what happens when we have our smartphones, but we are out of internet? There lies the problem. Internet connection is not always guaranteed, and being the audiophiles that we are, we need to get these videos available for offline access, so our enjoyment of our favorite music videos is not dependent on the availability of internet connection. Music video downloader apps have solved this problem for us. These apps allow users to download music videos from several platforms, guaranteeing offline access to these videos. There are several music video downloaders, with each operating differently. It is almost impossible for a particular music video downloader app to satisfy every user, given that every user has different needs and expectations, hence the plethora of music downloader apps available right now.

Best Music Video Downloader Apps 2017 Download Free Music Videos Now

Music Video Downloader

Amongst the many apps that allow users download music videos, we will proceed to review the ten top apps. These apps have different features, and will appeal to different categories of users, depending on the needs of those users. These apps will be thoroughly analyzed, their many advantages and disadvantages will be revealed, providing you with more than enough information to decide which music downloader app is best for you. In no particular order, these are the top ten apps with which you can download music videos.

Side Note: These apps will help you to download music videos however if you want mp3 music then we have create a top list of Free Mp3 Download Sites and youtube to mp3 coverters that you use to convert youtube music video in mp3 format. Enjoy 🙂

  1. Android Video Downloader:

This music video downloader allows you download HD, 1080p and 4k videos onto your mobile device. This is a professional and compact music video downloader app with a clean user interface. It comes integrated with an advance android browser that allows you search for music videos on almost any website. It supports flash video as well. However, the downside to this app is the fact that it does not allow users download videos from YouTube.

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  1. Free Video Downloader:

This is a very popular and solid music video downloader app. This app allows users download music videos from any website. The Free Video Downloader app is very easy to use and possesses a very neat user interface. To use the app, all you have to do is download and install the app on your device, then proceed to any website from which you want to download a music video from. This app also comes with a built-in browser, so you can browse the web quickly and smoothly, without having to leave the app. This app allows you download multiple music videos simultaneously. It supports multiple languages, and you can easily see your download speed whenever you are downloading a music video. The major con of this app is that it cannot download YouTube videos.

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  1. Full Video Downloader:

The full video downloader app allows you download music videos from any website. You can download music videos in various formats via this music video downloader app. Multiple languages are supported, and you can easily and quickly save videos from web browsers. With this music video downloader app, you can resume broken downloads, as well as pause ongoing downloads. This app has a very simple and easy to use user interface. It automatically detects video links from your browser, so you can download with just a number of clicks. However, this app is not so suitable for downloading large file sizes (More than 1GB)

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  1. Download Manager:

If you are searching for an app with multiple functionalities, then the Download Manager is the right app for you. This app allows you download music videos in several formats, so you do not have to worry about a downloaded music video not playing on your video player. This video music downloader app also allows you browse videos from any website and download, all within the Download Manager app. The download speed on this app is one of the fastest amongst music video downloader apps. This app supports HTML5 videos and web pages, as well as audio and video playback options. Also, you can pause, resume or cancel any download at any point in time. The many functionalities of this music video downloader app places it amongst the elite music video downloader apps.

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  1. Fastest Video Downloader:

This is another very notable music video downloader app available to music lovers. This app allows users make free music video downloads. This app has a very sleek user interface. It is simple and easy to use, with a very intuitive navigation. It has a built-in web browser that allows you download unlimited music video from any website. You can pause, resume or cancel downloads anytime, however downloading from YouTube is not supported on this music video downloader app.

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  1. Tube Video Mate:

The Tube Video Mate is a video music downloader that possesses several features, which users find appealing. Its high download speed ensures you make free music video downloads within a short period. You can also download in several video formats, such as FLV, MKV, MP3, WMV, etc. You can review the features of any video before you download it. Large file sizes can easily be downloaded on this music video downloader app. The only downside to this app is that it does not support YouTube video downloads.

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  1. All Video Downloader:

This is a top music video downloader app that can automatically detect and download music videos to your phone. You can search for music videos directly from the app, as well as watch videos on the application. Videos can be previewed before downloading, allowing you to be sure you are downloading the right stuff. You can pause, resume and cancel downloads. Broken downloads can also be fixed and resumed on this app. However, this app does not support YouTube downloads. Get this app today, and download free music videos.

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  1. KeepVid:

The KepVid video music downloader has several functionalities that position it above many other music video downloaders. This app offers you lightning fast download, and you can easily search for whatever video you want directly from the app. Multiple videos can be downloaded simultaneously. The amazing design of this app is something to look out for. The app supports download from over 30 websites, including YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Vine, Daily Motion, etc.

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  1. Videoder:

This music video downloader app allows you make free music video downloads. You can stream, convert and download music videos from various websites, all without paying a dime. It supports several websites, including Facebook, Vimeo and YouTube. Videos downloaded are of very high visual and audio quality. There is a download accelerator feature, ensuring your downloads are completed in time. This app checks many boxes of an ideal music video downloader app.

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  1. VidMate:

This is a very noteworthy music video downloader app. It allows you download free music videos, and is compatible with several websites, including YouTube and Vimeo. You can make multiple downloads simultaneously, as well as pause and resume downloads as you please. The design of this app is neat, and navigating through this app is very intuitive.

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As you can see, there is no shortage of options when it comes to music video downloader apps. Depending on your needs or preferences, there is always an app that suits you. We all love to download free music videos, and with the plethora of music video downloader apps available, we will never miss out on any one again.

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