Music downloader apps have been around for a while, and there are several of them, each offering unique features, amongst other things. Music downloader apps are apps that allow users download music for offline listen. I have shared best list of free music downloader apps for Android, and one of such is the 4Shared music downloader app. This mp3 music downloader app has stood the test of time, unlike many of its counterparts. In this article, we will explain how to use this music downloader app to save songs for offline listen. The many features that make the 4shared music downloader a very popular app will also be revealed.

What is the 4Shared App?

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The 4shared music downloader app is a free app that allows users search for, listen to and download their favorite music on their devices. This music downloader app has a huge database of over 30 million songs. You can also stream music online without necessarily having to download it. 4Shared has a community of over 1 billion users. As a new user, you are given 15gb free cloud storage space to store whatever music you love. Uploading and downloading of music is fast on the 4shared music downloader app. You can sort music by artistes, genres, albums, etc. Furthermore, the design of this music downloader app is very neat and impressive. All menus are visible and the general operation of the app is quite intuitive. The 4shared music downloader allows you make playlists and albums, as well as share with other users on the 4shared community.

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How to Install the 4Shared App

Knowing the several features of the 4shared music downloader free app is one thing, but how does one get started with the 4shared music app? Downloading and Installing the 4shared music downloader app is the first step to enjoying this app. Follow the steps below to download and install the 4shared mp3 music downloader app.

Step 1: Download the 4Shared music downloader app from the Google PlayStore via this link – 4Shared music downloader

Step 2: Follow the On-screen instructions to install the app on your phone

Step 3: Click on Finish when the installation is complete

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How to Download Music from the 4Shared App

Now that you have successfully downloaded and installed the 4shared mp3 music downloader app on your phone, you can now begin to enjoy numerous songs even without internet. Here is a step by step guide on how to download music from the 4shared app.

Step 1: Open the installed 4shared music downloader app on your phone

Step 2: Click on the Search Button in the Home Menu

Step 3: Select Music from the menu and you will be directed to a music tab search menu

Step 4: Enter any artiste name, song name or album name, adding “mp3” behind it

Step 5: You will be provided a list of search results based on your search. Select any of the search results you desire

Step 6: Click on the download button and select your preferred destination folder

Step 7: You desired track will then be downloaded into the selected folder

So there you have it, and as you can see, using the 4shared music downloader app is quite easy and devoid of confusion. Still need help? Contact me


From all the information provided above, you can see why the 4shared music downloader app has remained for a long time. This app has something for every music lover and ensures that users get a good experience whilst using it. The user interface is sleek and navigation through the app is smooth and instinctive. The 4shared music app’s database is also a killer feature, as it stands tall when compared to other music downloader apps. Using the 4shared music downloader free app will ensure your music experience is never trumped by a lack of internet connection.


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