Free Mp3 Download SitesThere is one thing we know that is difficult and that is finding your favorite songs to download to your PC or Mobile Devices. To solve this problem for you we have made available the 20 Best Free Mp3 Music Download Sites available in 2017 here.

We have checked each of these free Mp3 download sites making sure they are legit and available for you to download the top songs directly from the internet. Whether you need International music or Bollywood tracks, you can find a music Downloader directly from them.

Not only will you be able to enjoy the free music you can download the tunes in different Mp3 formats to your Android or IOS device.

What makes the Internet so great?

The great thing about the Internet is the best free music downloads available. The only downside is you can end up downloading tunes from various stores and pay a fortune. We are here to help make you aware of the vast online music download site available out there. We know how difficult it is to find the latest songs free so why pay a fortune if you can use the free download sites available to enjoy your preferred genre of music and save you money in the end.

First Rated Free Mp3 Download Sites 2017

The phrase, “Nothing is for free” is true to a certain extent. The same applies to finding free music online. However, with the following 20 best free Mp3 music download sites there is still something available in the world that is partly free. To find the best tunes from different artists around the world, check our list available here:

1st Site: AudioMack

Free Mp3 Download SitesIf you need one of the best, free music, download sites comes to your rescue. With them, you can check out your preferred albums, artists, and songs. Enjoy downloading music available in different genres from hip-hop, electronic and more. The great thing is you can create a library of playlists and you can share your own music here as well if you are an artist. Downloading the music is super easy as each trending song has an available direct download to your computer to save in playlists. Further, you can view the size of each song you download. View:

  • Top songs
  • Trending
  • Top albums
  • Playlists
  • Accounts you can follow

Where to find AudioMack: You can view the website at

2nd Site: AllMP3.MOBI

Free Mp3 Download SitesIf you need a free music, downloaders for different devices to enjoy listening to music try AllMP3.Mobi. Here you can search for different artists’ music by name or choose to find the song you like by name. View the Top 10 list or New 10 songs added to the site. Here you can find songs such as Adele famous Hello song or Katy Perry song The One That Got Away and more. Downloading the MP3 to your computer or mobile device is easy. Start by clicking on your favorite song and click on the download box and you’re done. This is one of the largest music directories available online. All you need to do is browse and receive music free. The great thing is you do not need to register account only agree to their terms of service.

Where can you find AllMP3.MOBI: Visit them at


  • Does not cost you a cent to download music
  • Can download Mp3 songs to your computer or Smartphone
  • Search the database by song title or artist
  • Needs on registration of account and free

3rd Site:

Free Mp3 Download SitesAnother easy to use free download site is This catalog website offers tunes and albums to download without the need of registering an account. If you prefer you, do have the option of registering with them as it allows you to create your own playlist and stay up to date with latest tunes available. Here you can find thousands of free tunes and all of them are legal. All you need to do is download your favorite song and start listening to it on your computer or cell phone. Search by name, performer, label, or record. The directories available from A to Z for ease of use.

Where can you find BeeMP3: Visit them at


  • You get new hits on a weekly basis
  • Enjoy listening to international to Indie
  • You can search by song title, artist or record
  • Available in a directory from A to Z to find your favorite song

4th Site: DramaCore

Free Mp3 Download SitesOne of the latest additions in free music on the internet is DramaCore. They are slowly becoming the focus on the internet every day. The music released on their site is free to download, share, or copy. If you want the latest music released, this is the place to go. Here you can find renowned artists’ music available or you can even submit your own musical project with them. They update the website with new tunes on a weekly basis. All downloads are legal and done under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License. The only downside is you cannot search the website for a specific artist, song, or record name. However, they do have a label sampler available to listen to tracks before downloading the tunes.

Where can you find DramaCore: Visit them at

5th Site: Jamendo

Free Mp3 Download SitesOne of the largest digital services available on the internet is Jamendo. They have free music downloads available from different genres. As an artist, you can publish your songs with them freely. You can listen to the available files before downloading them and find unlimited Mp3 tunes with them. There is no annoying ads or issues of terms. There is a smash hit list and you can share your favorite artist’s music on different social media sites. You can search by song title or the artist name and even tag the songs. If you want to download free music, you need to open an account with them. Once registered, the download process is straightforward and done in two simple steps:

  1. Find the songs you would like to download
  2. Click on the song and save to your device

Where can you find Jamendo: Visit them at

6th Site: iBeat

Free Mp3 Download SitesFor a music production storehouse packed with different genres of music, try iBeat. With them, you can search for different types of music you like. The only difference compared to the other sites is that they only do instrumental music downloads. There are no vocals available and downloading the tracks, you can do as follows:

  1. Choose your preferred tag, and click on it
  2. Look through the available tracks and find one on the list
  3. Press the download button, right click and save link as

The available tracks provided through the Creative Common License.

Where can you find iBeat: Visit them at

7th Site: Last.FM

Free Mp3 Download SitesOne more, free Mp3 download site is Last.FM a UK based music website. Here you can find free Mp3 songs for more than 55 million artists, 640 million tracks, and 200 million albums to choose from on the platform. Measured up to other free Mp3 music download sites, you can find another huge online directory for listening and downloading music. With them, you can watch and share with others your music as well. View the chart-busters, smash hits, or search for your favorite genre of tunes. There is no need of signing up for an account and they offer you a direct download button. You can use the site with your PC or Smartphone. Nevertheless, if you prefer you register with them to create your own playlist and they have an outstanding interface.

Where can you find Last.FM: Visit them at


  • Can watch and share music
  • Can visualize the music in real-time
  • You can listen to what is in now by using the “Scrobbling Now”
  • View what artists are trending at the moment
  • No need of creating an account

8th Site: MP3Clan

Free Mp3 Download SitesFor searching music, online MP3Clan is a free Mp3 download site packed with superb features. Here you can enjoy listening to legal songs free. They have a massive library of songs you can easily download to your device. They have the latest releases available and you can post any of your songs on the free profile you create with them. They are easy to use and the download of music is fast.

Where can you find MP3Clan: Visit them at

9th Site: MP3Box

Free Mp3 Download SitesFinding an Mp3 music downloader free may be a daunting task, but Mp3Box has everything, you need available on their site. The only downside is you will need to download their binary client to download music to your device. You can join their free community to see what is pumping online. They send you your login information once you have downloaded the binary and provided them with your email.  Browse the user rated music lists or stream music online and created your own playlists with them.

Where can you find MP3Box: Visit them at

10th Site: MP3Fusion

Free Mp3 Download SitesOne more great source for free music is MP3Fusion and works as a search engine to find your desired artists or songs. You can register with them by using your social media login details or your email. You can listen to music online and download songs to your device. The nice thing about their site is you can locate your desired song to download in the search field. They provide you with a security code when downloading music.

You can visit them here:

11th Site: MP3Juices

Free Mp3 Download SitesAn alternative site you can use is MP3Juices. They are a web based search engine where you can find the best music without the need of creating an account. They have a massive directory and help you search for your preferred genre of music. You can download Mp3 tunes and only need to use the search button to find what you want. They work in association with YouTube and you can listen to the music before starting your download. Believe us they really work and we have found them easy to use and the best free Mp3 download site without any hassles.

You can visit them here:

12th Site: MP3Skull

Free Mp3 Download SitesUsing MP3Skull is straightforward and downloading the music is easy. With them, you can find millions of tunes in the database with high-quality formats. The interface of the websites one of the best and you can search for your choice of music in the search bar. Further, they have different music lists available and you can find international to Portuguese songs with them. Navigating through the site is easy and you can post the music directly on your own blog as well.

You can visit them here:

13th Site: DJRaag

Free Mp3 Download SitesOne of the most popular Indie free Mp3 download sites is DJRaag. With them, you can download the latest tunes free. There is no clutter of advertisements and offer you the most recent Bollywood music. The only difference between this site and the others reviewed here is this is not a search based music website. They offer you list of the latest movies, single tracks, and videos from A to Z.

Where can you find DJRaag: Visit them at

14th Site: SoundCloud

Free Mp3 Download SitesIn the past SoundCloud has grown from a small music download site to a highly recommended one. They are a major music force for streaming tunes and has a subscription-based service known as SoundCloud Go. The platform is free and used by big names and independent artists. However, not everything you find on their database is free to download. You need to sign up with them by using your email or you can use your social media accounts with Facebook or Google.

Where can you find SoundCloud: Visit them at


  • You can search for your favorite artist, podcasts, tracks or bands
  • You can upload your own music to the database
  • View what is trending or explore their top 50
  • You can listen to your music while on the go with your mobile device

15th Site: NoiseTrade

Free Mp3 Download SitesNow if there is one free Mp3 download site that distinguishes itself from others it is NoiseTrade. This unique site designed for independent artists. How it works is if you are an artist’s you can trade your music with other artists for something in return. You can trade your Facebook account, street address, or email account in return for a free tune download. You can leave them tips and more. The difference is that the website not only does music but books as well. You can meet thousands of artists when signing up with them.

Where can you find NoiseTrade: Visit them at

16th Site: Internet Archive

Free Mp3 Download SitesIf you are looking at finding free media or audio, Internet Archive is what you need. They have an archive of live music, community audio, audio books and more for you to download. In the Live Music Archive, you can find a collection of tracks available offering you a download option. Alternatively, you can listen to the sound online. There is no need of creating an account but if you do want to you can.

You can visit them here:

17th Site: Musopen

Free Mp3 Download SitesWith Musopen, you can enjoy royalty free music, radio, sheet music, to music education. This public domain is more the classical music jammer. You can download free music and search for instruments, composers, and performers in their search box. If you are a music teacher or videographers, you will find interesting musical things available here.

You can visit them here:

18th Site: My Mixtapez

Free Mp3 Download SitesFor all the hip-hop lovers, My Mixtapez is the place to visit for your free music. This free Mp3 music download site offers hip-hop devotees with different mixes from famous DJs and rappers. You can enjoy listening to your favorite tunes offline with their free downloads. They have a wide selection of artist and you can share your music status directly with them to your social media accounts. Moreover, if you are a rapper in the making you can upload your own music to the site.

You can visit them here:

19th Site: Spotify

Free Mp3 Download SitesSpotify is another great website giving you access to millions of songs to download free. With them, you can find old hits to the latest available online. Stream music with them online on your computer, mobile device, TV or tablet. All the music available you can listen to ad-free and you can listen to your favorite artist music offline.

To find Spotify you can find them here:

20th Site: YouTube –

Free Mp3 Download SitesWho does not know YouTube everyone knows who they are. However, did you know that they are a top free Mp3 download site? Yes, you can listen to music and watch videos online and you can download the best music directly from them. Now you may be wondering how to let us tell you a secret by using VidToMp3. With this amazing app, you can convert the videos available online into audio files to listen on your device.

Here is the link to VidToMp3 to help you out:

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As you can see with our 20 Best Free Mp3 Music Download Sites list, finding your favorite song is easy and legit. Each of these websites offers you different features to enjoy listening to music online and offline. We hope that you find a suitable one to use for your music download needs.

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