Free MP3 download sites have become an essential part of the music lover’s life. If you enjoy music, then you would want to have your favourite tunes with you wherever you go. You would also admit that there are times when you are in the mood for a particular song and you don’t have it at the moment – in those situations, these MP3 downloader sites can come to your rescue in helping you get the tunes you need.

Free Mp3 Download Sites

There are a multitude of sites where users can download free music, each of them have their pros and cons so we will be examining a couple of them so you can have better and more options the next time you need that free Mp3.

Best Free Mp3 Music Download Sites 2017


Free music download sites have come a long way and it is sites like this which give us proof. We can download MP3s in seconds when we log on to MP3 skull. If you own a blog, you can easily copy embed links from this site as well and share the music with your circle in order for them to download the songs as well.


Free Mp3 Download Sites

This site is a wonderful music downloader free of charge and it is one of the best free mp3 download sites on the internet. There are millions of songs on this site waiting to be downloaded and the price is absolutely nada. The interface is smooth; the site loads quickly and there are no ads to distract you from your goal – which in this case is getting that free music.


Beemp3 is a site where you can go to download free music. The site has access to thousands of free mp3 downloads all over the internet which makes it one of the best audio search engine on the web. The key features of this site are;

  • The website recommends new hits every week.
  • Lists the greatest tracks from popular to indie, hip-hop across styles and so on.

Tracks can be searched Beemp3s in labels of name, performer, and record.


When you get on to this site, the first thing you will realize is that there is absolutely no need to make a registration before you download your free music – it is not a music downloader free site for nothing. You can then proceed to search for songs based on artist name, or genre, or album.


As we all know, YouTube is the world’s biggest video sharing service but imagine this – you are watching a video and you have been looking for the audio version to it for a while, with this site, all you need to do is copy the YouTube video link and paste it in the bar on the home screen of YouTube MP3. Within seconds (depending on how large the video file is), you get a fully encoded Mp3 version of that video.

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Free Mp3 Download Sites

Sure you can get free Mp3 from this service but there is more. Jamendo is one of the biggest and best free mp3 download sites on the internet and if you are an artist, you can easily publish your own material on there so the world can hear it also. All music lovers should add this site to the list of places they go to for free music downloads.


Mp3clan is one of the best free mp3 download sites. The site is user-friendly that is, all you need to do is type the name of the artist or song into the search bar and all songs related to the searched artist or song can be viewed and downloaded easily. You can get any type of music you want on this website be it blues, country music, dance, and so on.


Ever gone to a site where there was a broken link and there was nothing you could do about it? Well this is not one of those sites. On this service, you can download awesome tracks but should you come across a broken link; you can replace it with the functional one if you have access to it. This goes a long way into helping the community of MP3 lovers get the kind of service they desire.


Free Mp3 Download Sites

This music downloader site is so amazing because of its simple search bar. All you have to do is type in the title of the song you want. It has a download option where you can just search and download any song you want. It also has a play now option if you don’t want to download the song but just want to listen to it.

#10 Indiamp3

This is the best website to download free Indian and Pakistani songs. Have you been looking for the song you heard in an Indian movie and haven’t found it? Stress no more because you can get them all here. Songs that can be played in a wedding can also be downloaded from this site.


You can find songs based on movies name, artist name, songs name and also albums name due to their wide and huge database. Almost all the latest top songs can be found here. These songs can be downloaded or listened to for free.


What is brilliant about this site right off the box is the amount or songs in their database. The design is plain and easy to navigate but what it does not have in design, it makes up for in content. It is rare to not find what you are looking for on this MP3 downloader. Just type what you want into the search box and within seconds, you will be jamming.


This site is dedicated to index and organize music which has been legally posted on the internet. It has access to millions of free mp3 downloads and free music download all over the internet which makes it one of the best music search engine on the net. You can listen to a song before you download it.


Music like no other finds it way to soundcloud. Soundcloud is what we would call the YouTube for audio media. It may not be easy to find a billboard charting song on soundcloud but when it comes to music creativity from around the world, this is where you want to be. If you want to discover the world’s sounds then then the best place to listen and download is soundcloud.


Free Mp3 Download Sites

You want to take note of this site and bookmark it as it is one of the best places where you can download free music. The interface is so smooth and the data base so large. On this site, you can easily search for a song by a number of criteria including artist and song name, you can stream the music online, and you can download straight to your local drive. It is an offer you can’t refuse if you are into free MP3 downloads.


The 4shared platform does more for users than just a basic music downloader. On this service, users from all over the world get to share their files with other registered users. So from music, to videos, to apps – all of this can be gotten for free on 4shared. It is completely but to be able to upload, you have to create an account. Account creation is not necessary to search for and download content.


Free Mp3 Download Sites

You can get MP3music download free from a lot of site but there are a few things which make spotify special. Spotify connects to your Facebook account and lets you share your playlist. On this website, you can search for music using wide criteria such as artist name, album, genre, and even the record label. Spotify has a large database which makes sure that you can get the music you are looking for at anytime and in any place.


There are times when you are not actually looking for a free music downloader but rather just want to listen to a song online. Whether it is just streaming you are interested in, or download, epitomic does it quite well. Songs on this site are updated frequently so you can be sure you are more likely to get what you are looking for so if you are looking for a music downloader free site, here you have it.


The concept with this MP3 music downloader is that at first blush you may not think it is one. It specializes in making sure that its visitors get the latest tunes on the charts – kind of like a radio station hence their name. On this site there is a button you can click and your selected music finds its way straight to your smartphone or PC

#20 MP3LEE

This site in recent years has risen to gather such a large following. With exquisite design, this site maintains an easy way to navigate and it sure dies get the job done. Search for music using a number of criteria and download them straight to your device.


An MP3 music downloader can come in and be really helpful when one is looking to get a tune quickly from the internet. If you are a music lover and you enjoy these free downloads then there is no excuse not to have all the songs you have ever wanted. Log on to any of these free sites and load your devices up.


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