Everybody enjoys music in one form or another. Being able to get songs you love is a luxury a lot of people would love to have and luckily for us, the time we live in affords us just that. There are multiple websites and apps which connect us to the music we enjoy and these make it possible to either stream the music online or download them straight to our devices. Some of them are great and others are not so great but that is why there is variety.

Here we will be looking at one of such apps which have managed to show up on pretty much every top 10 MP3 music downloader list we have out there. With over 50 million downloads, this app claims to be a none-stop app for all things MP3 music downloader for android.

Free Mp3 Downloads

Free Mp3 Downloads is one of such apps which make it possible to search for music on the internet and download it straight to your android device for free. This app is quite useful to the music lover as it does what it does without hassle. We are going to take a deeper look into the nooks and crannies of this MP3 downloader so we know what to expect when downloading and installing it. Here are few more apps similar to this free mp3 downloads are Music Paradise Pro DownloaderMusic Maniac ProSimple Mp3 Downloader4shared


Starting off, the design on this Free Mp3 Downloads App is wonderful and it is very easy to use. On getting and installing the app, you get to see that there are two tabs in it.

  • The first is the download tab which has a search bar.
  • In the search bar, you get to type in the song you want either by title or the artiste name.
  • Once that is done, hit search

On hitting search, there are a few waiting seconds and then files matching your keywords are displayed. When you see the one which you are looking for,

  • Tap on download.

After the song is finished downloading, you get to use the second tab on the app which is the listen tab. The listen tab is used to playback your downloads and it serves as a music player within the app. So it makes things easy in that when a song is downloaded, you do not have to leave the app in order to play your newly downloaded MP3.

Note: There are many Free MP3 download sites as well that you can use to download free music. one of the most famous sites is mp3 juice.


Looking at this app from the user point of view, there are a couple of things which it can do and these features make it something which could be worth a try for any body who enjoys free music downloads. We have looked at the basic features of this app but let us see a couple more.

Sleek Design – Well if you are not much for complicated apps, then this is what you may be looking for. This Free Mp3 Downloads App has a design which makes it easy to download music within minutes and there are no hidden menus to deal with. It is a real ‘what you see is what you get’ app.

Huge Database – This app is sweet in that it does not host songs on its own server rather it connects to the servers which host songs such as www.jamendo.com. This network makes it such that there are millions of songs at the disposal of anyone who uses this app.

Multi language – That is right. You do not have to be limited as to the language you get this app in. This Free Mp3 Downloads App supports English, as well as Russian, German, Spanish, Lithuanian and more. To get a language of your choice though, you have to change the language settings on the phone and the app will adapt.

Small size – The app is less than 10MB in size though this varies with the phone in which you are installing it on. With this size, it can comfortably stay on your device’s memory and not bug anyone

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Smart search – It doesn’t just search for music based on artiste or song name; a user could type in the words ‘good music’ and get matches according to what the database has tagged good music. This is great for those looking to discover new sounds and genres.

This MP3 music downloader has an in-app music player which is good for many reasons and one of such reasons one of them being that you can stay within the app and listen to your newly downloaded MP3 and since searching in your overall music library could take longer time, this saves you that time. This app quickly becomes an all-in-one app for mp3 music downloader.


This Free Mp3 Downloads app is readily available for free in the Google play store and thought it has a rating of 2.8 (doesn’t sound so good right?) it has been downloaded more than 50 million times so that shows us that there must be something working for it.


As for whether or not the music on this app is legal, well the answer to that is yes. Music on this app apart from being free, are also legal but it should be noted that whatever is downloaded from this app should be for personal use only.

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This free Mp3 Downloads App is a good one by the programmers who made it. it is cool in the way it displays music, it supports a huge database, has a simple design and it is functional to top it all of. It is truly a music downloader you want to try and since it does not take much space on your phone memory, it is convenient to have along side any other music app which you may have.

The bottom line is that you have nothing to worry about with this app, it keeps getting better and that is why it has been able to survive the market for this long. If you want to fill up your music database within minutes, then this is the android app for you.


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