Google is the king of search engines. They have been for a while now. Recently though, the IT giant has moved into other areas of business and the Google play music app I one of those ventures. While this app is cool, there are some things that it needs in order to upgrade its reputation among song downloaders. Here we will be looking through all there is about the Google music play app – from the cons, to the pros and so one. The idea is to know what the app can and cannot do so we know what to expect when getting it.

Google Play Music


When it comes to the good parts, there are a few things which this app is known for. The benefits of this app include

  • wonderful audio quality
  • there are tons of music
  • you can purchase songs from Google play store
  • there is YouTube integration
  • Affordable plans

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Like earlier stated, this app is not completely there yet as there are some things it lacks. Some of these things are what you would expect an app like this to have and when you see that they are not available, well it is disappointing to say the least. The cons include.

  • No lyric support
  • Annoying setup process
  • Some highly essential albums are missing
  • alot of non musical content


This app is aimed at those who enjoy online music. It offers more functionality that your average music app and it is designed more like a music community so you will find that there is a lot which goes on within the app. Google play music is available in three versions which are web, Android OS, and iPhone. You can form playlists, listen to music on demand and more. Once you manage to get through the irritating setup process, many of these functions seem to flow just fine.

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Unlike some other music apps, Google play music offers some plans to its users. There are two basic plans: Free & unlimited. When on the free plan, you can

  • stream millions of songs but you have to deal with the ads,
  • decided to skip a certain number of songs per hour
  • store upto 50,000 audio files
  • Get suggestions based on your tastes
  • Listen to channels

There is an unlimited option which is a paid service. When a user upgrades with $9.99 per month, more options and functionalities are open to such a user. They are:

  • download music for offline usage
  • skip unlimited tracks
  • ad-free listening
  • access to YouTube red
  • access to Google’s premium video service.

A third plan offered by Google music play is the family plan which allows up  to six family members to access and play unlimited number of songs. This service costs $14.99 per month.


Google play music app offers categories which are designed to fit your mood nd tastes, the songs offered for listening are also chosen in accordance to the time of the day and this is really smart for an app. For example, logging in on a Monday afternoon could offer categories such as big hits, new music, Monday motivation & boost your energy.

When you click on one of the offered categories, you get sub categories which better refine what it is you are going to be listening to. So let us assume you click on the ‘boosting your energy’ category, you get sub categories such as Indie dance party hits, Epic party bangers, pop anthems and more.

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So when you click on one of these categories, you would finally get to some music right/ Wrong! Clicking on one of these sub categories opens up even more playlists and it is a bit weird that one has to go so deep into the software in order to enjoy some music but perhaps it does well for the fact that the app is organised. Well after getting into one of the play lists, there are good tracks which make it worth your while.


This is one of the coolest things about this app. Since you sign in with your Google account details, it knows the videos you have recently seen on YouTube and displays songs on the app relating to that. This is nice because it gives the listener that comfort that the app can do some of the work for them. The Google music play app has a multitude of genres including conventional and popular ones such as hip hop, Rock, Classical and the suggestions you receive depend on the genre which you are currently checking out.

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Speaking of things which are awesome, Google play music has a music locker which does an amazing thing. On the free plan, you can upload up to 50,000 of your own songs to the said music locker. If you use chrome, you can upload these songs directly to your browser else, you would need to download Google’s music manager software in order to get your own music to the cloud.


It is important to know that you have access to over 30 million songs on this service and these songs are constantly being updated to give the best listening experience a user could want. The experience is great because despite the fact theta the songs are at such a good quality, the app still streams well on mobile data or Wi-Fi.



There are a lot of things which Google play music download has in its corner. These good features have gathered the app a good following and that is a plus. It has a nice design and once you are registered, it is easy to use and very functional too. Should a few things be added, such as albums like Price’s Purple rain (how can that album, even be M.I.A on this app?), then definitely more people would use it. For now though it is a great source of online music streaming and storage. The fact that it is Google owned means that it will keep getting better and we all look forward to that.


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