Our smartphones have allowed us listen to music wherever we may be. We can decide to stream music over the internet, without downloading them. We can equally decide to download music, so as to be able to listen offline. Offline download of music is very necessary, because it is not every time we are connected to internet. Music downloader platforms allow us to download music, without any hitch. Sometimes, finding the right service that allows us to download music for offline listen can prove to be a daunting task. With so many self-acclaimed music downloader platforms, how do we determine which works best for us? We will proceed to review one of such music downloader services – Gtunes.

What is GTunes?

gtunes music downloader for android

GTunes is an app that allows you listen to and download unlimited music on your device, all without paying a dime. GTunes music downloader is a very popular app that has excelled where other music listen and downloader apps have failed. With the GTunes Music downloader app, it is easy to preview, listen to, download, and share your  favourite music or newly discovered music. A major benefit of GTunes is that it possesses a very simple user interface. Being user friendly, you can obtain any song you want in a matter of seconds. The GTunes music downloader app has a very large database, from which you can search for various artistes, genres, songs, albums, etc. All songs are provided in a very high audio quality – 128kbps and above, ensuring you get a wonderful listening experience. There are two versions of the app, the GTunes Music downloader pro and the normal GTunes simple app. The GTunes Music downloader pro is an upgraded version of the app that provides some advanced features, but the simple app also works quite good. GTunes comes with an in-built music player, giving you an alternative with which to listen to music. There are several other features that distinguish the GTunes music app from other music downloader apps, and we will proceed to analyze them now.


The GTunes music download free app comes with several features. One needs to be aware of these features, so as to be able to use them. We will proceed to reveal the many features of this music downloader app; features that make it a very popular app amongst music lovers.

LightWeight: The GTunes music download app is lightweight and consumes very little processing power. This ensures you have space and computational power to run other apps you love.

Preview Songs before Downloading: This Music downloader free app allows you preview songs before you download them. Doing this will guarantee that you are certain of the song you want to download before going forward with the download.

Share Songs on Social Media: The GTunes music downloader app allows you share songs, which you search for or download, with your friends on your various social media accounts. Your friends will never again miss out on your latest music discovery or inclinations.

Simple and Neat User Interface: The design and appearance of the user interface of the GTunes music downloader free app  is sleek and devoid of confusion. The colors blend well into each other, and the whole app design is very simple.

Large Database: The catalogue of songs available on the GTunes music download free app is incredibly huge. There is virtually no song you search for that you will not find. This large database is a killer feature, as many other music downloader apps have limited number of songs.

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High Audio Quality: You can be well assured that the audio quality of whatever file you download from the GTunes music downloader app will be of a very high quality. There is no compromise of audio quality, and using the GTunes music download free app will ensure you have a pleasurable listening experience.

Optimized Search: The search feature on the GTunes music download app is very advanced and well optimized for whatever search method you want to use. You are allowed to search for songs, artistes, albums, and even keywords in the song. This search optimization and flexibility will ensure users find whatever song they are looking for without any hassle.

Home Widget: The GTunes music download app has a home widget feature that enables you access the full features of the app right from your home screen. The convenience this feature provides is unmatched and really sets the GTunes app above the other music downloader apps.


Free: This is a huge advantage, as you get to enjoy the many awesome features of the GTunes music downloader app without paying a dime.

Easy to Use: The GTunes music downloader for android is very easy to use. There are no hidden menus and navigating through the app is easy and devoid of hassles.


Ads: The GTunes music downloader for android possesses ads, and many users find advertisements within apps uncomfortable.

How to Use GTunes

Now that we know all about this wonderful music downloader app, how do harness its many benefits. Well, getting started with the GTunes music download app is quite easy. To install the GTunes music downloader for android, follow the simple steps below:

  1. Go to Settings on your phone and allow installation of apps from “unknown sources”
  2. Proceed to download the GTunes music downloader app APK
  3. Tap on the downloaded APK file, so as to initiate the installation of the file
  4. Wait for the installation to be completed, then click on done or finished when it is completed
  5. Proceed to open the freshly installed GTunes app
  6. Go to the search bar and search for any song you want to download
  7. You have an option to preview the song before downloading
  8. Proceed to download the desired song


The ability to download music for offline listen is very pertinent in today’s world. Little wonder there are several music downloader apps available these days. The GTunes music downloader app is miles above regular music downloader apps. Its many features, which have been analyzed here, confirm this fact.

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