The ability to download content for offline access is very crucial to almost every smartphone user. Given the uncertainty of internet connection, users are always in search for ways to save their favorite online content for offline access. Music downloader platforms allow users download music on their devices for offline listen. The same goes for YouTube Downloaders, which allow you save YouTube videos in various formats, so you can access them offline. YouTube is a huge source of information and entertainment, so it is understandable why users are always searching for ways to convert YouTube videos to various formats. Several platforms offer this service for free. One of such platforms – ITube – will be evaluated now. We will provide you with more than enough information about this platform, so you can decide whether or not this is the perfect YouTube downloader service for you.

What Is iTube


ITube is a free app that allows you save YouTube videos as Mp3 files. This service allows you convert YouTube videos to Mp3 files. This YouTube downloader works by saving YouTube videos as a cache file. This file will then be converted to an Mp3 file. The iTube YouTube downloader uses the latest and cutting edge RAM (Random Access Memory) storing technology to save the cache file from a YouTube video. This app has several distinct features, such as a top 100 videos chart, which provides you with more than enough insight into trending videos you might like. You can get lyrics to whatever video you search for.  Using the iTube YouTube music downloader app is very safe and secure. You do not need to enter any personal information or install any third party software, reducing the risk of malware or exposure. Furthermore, you can share your music findings with friends on various social media channels. These are just the basic features of the iTube YouTube music downloader app. There are several other features, which place it amongst the popular and successful YouTube downloader apps. We will proceed to discuss these many innovative features now.

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The reason why the iTube free download app is a popular and notable mention when it comes to platforms that convert YouTube videos to MP3 files is because of its many features. All of its impressive features will be discussed and meticulously analyzed here.

Video Chart: The iTube YouTube downloader app has a distinct feature in a video chart comprising of all the trending and hottest videos, helping you decide what to download.

Make Playlists: You can create playlists of your favorite videos, ensuring all the videos you love stay in one place.

Play in Background: With this YouTube downloader for android mobile free features, you can play and download videos in the background. This feature will guarantee that your phone is not being used up only by the The iTube free download app.

Get Lyrics to Videos: You can access lyrics to whatever video you search for on the ITube app. This added feature gives the YouTube downloader for android mobile free app a spice and a distinct feature that other YouTube downloader apps do not possess.

Share Activities on Social Media: Your activities in the iTube iPhone music downloader app can be shared with your friends via your various social media accounts. You can share new videos you discovered, videos you downloaded, amongst other things.

Can Convert YouTube Video To 16 Different Formats: The iTube YouTube downloader can convert YouTube videos to up to 16 different formats. Whatever format works for you, be sure to find it amongst the listed format options on the ITube free download app.

Wonderful App Design: The app design of the YouTube downloader for android mobile free app is very appealing. Its colors, themes and menus flow well into each other. There is no hidden option, and everything is sleek and neat.

Safe and Secure: Using the iTube YouTube downloader for Android is very safe and secure, as you are not required to sign up, so you do not share any personal information. Also, there is no third-party installation of software, so there is no risk of malware or virus of the iTube app.


Free: Users get to access all the features of the iTube iPhone music downloader app without paying a cent. This is the biggest advantage this app has, giving out so much value free of charge.

Simple App: This iTube app performs its job without deviation. It is simple to use, and its navigation is easy to comprehend. The app is clean and simple.


Ads: Advertisements are displayed in this app. Some users find adverts in apps uncomfortable, and this might be a problem, as such users might ditch the iTube app.

How to Use iTube

Now that we know the many sweet features of the iTube YouTube downloader, how do we begin to use this app? Getting started with this YouTube downloader is very simple.

For Android users, follow the steps below to get started with the iTube YouTube downloader for Android.

1. Go to settings and allow your device to install from “unknown sources”

Download the iTube YouTube downloader APK file

2. Tap on the downloaded file and proceed to install it

3. Wait till installation is completed and tap on done or finished.

4. Proceed to open the newly installed app

5. You can then begin to enjoy the many features of the iTube YouTube downloader for Android.

For iOS users, simply go to this link to get started with the iTube iPhone music downloader app.

Check this video to understand better how to download free music by using iTube app.

Video Source: androidcritics


In conclusion, there are several YouTube downloader apps available. With the continuous rise of YouTube users and content, the numbers of downloaders are bound to increase. The iTube YouTube downloader app has quickly positioned itself amongst the top YouTube downloaders. A single YouTube downloader might not satisfy all users, because of different needs and requirements. However, the iTube YouTube downloader app checks many essential boxes. Now that you know all about this YouTube downloader app, you can effectively and correctly decide whether or not it is the best one for you.


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