offline musicHow to listen to music offline? Let’s answer this question… Technology has definitely transformed the way music is served to us. We can now access music over the internet and offline on our various devices. Due to the uncertainty of internet connection for many music lovers, there is need to sometimes prioritize offline access to music. There are several ways to guarantee offline music access, ensuring our joy is not trumped by the absence of internet connection. There are several music apps that allow for offline access to music. These apps have been increasing in number because of the high demand for them, as very audiophile now knows the essence of having offline access to music. Each of this app has a different method or logic of operation. Due to these differences, it is difficult to find a particular offline music app that can effectively and efficiently satisfy every music lover. This multitude of offline music apps has provided a problem to several users, as they cannot easily decide on one app.

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However, in this article, we will solve this decision trouble for you. We will provide you with more than enough information about the top ten music apps that allow you offline access to your favorite songs. These apps will be thoroughly reviewed, their various pros and cons will be made known to you. After reading this, you will find it very easy settling for any one of these apps, depending on your needs and preferences.

Best Offline Music Apps To Listen To Music Offline 2017

offline music

In no particular order, these are the top ten apps that allow you offline access to music:

  1. iHeart Radio

This is a very good app that helps you listen to free music online without downloading. Using this app will guarantee you access to over 1000 radio stations. Users can also create radio stations based on genres or artistes, ensuring personalization. The database is huge and there are over 18 million songs from over 400, 000 artistes. The catalogue of music is always constantly being updated. Using this music app will ensure you get a wonderful musical experience.

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  1. Slacker Radio

This is another music app that allows users listen to free music online without downloading and internet connection. This app serves millions of users and has a huge catalogue of music. You can discover music by artistes and genres. There are several radio stations based on genres and artistes, and you can create as many as you want.

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  1. Microsoft Groove

This is a must have offline music app that features a well designed user interface. Navigation on this app is intuitive and you cannot miss any feature. You can search for music by artistes and genres, giving you a much needed search flexibility.

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  1. Google Play Music

The Google Play Music app is a very popular app that serves hundreds of millions of users. This music app allows users listen to music offline without an internet connection. You can search for music via many keywords. There are audio effect settings on this app that allows you tweak that audio quality, ensuring you have a good listening experience.

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  1. Deezer

This is a very beautifully designed app that allows users access free music offline. You can search for music by artiste or genre. You can create playlists of your favorite songs or artistes or genres, ensuring you have all your favorite stuff in one place. You can sing along to your favorite songs by lyrics too.

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  1. Wynk Music

This is an offline music app that allows users listen to songs without internet. This app allows you not only search for music by artistes and genres, but also by moods and themes. This app is very well designed and performs all of its functions effectively.

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  1. Gaana

This is a notable music app that provides its many users access to free music offline. This app offers you free and unlimited access to your favorite songs without internet connection. You can search for music by genre, artistes, albums, year of release, etc.

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  1. Savn

This is another noteworthy music app that allows music lovers access free music offline. This app lets users access Hollywood, Hindi, English and other types of songs. You can search for and play music by several keywords, including genre, artistes, mood, themes, etc

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  1. Pandora

This is a very popular one of the offline music apps that has a very large database. This app is very well designed and possesses several distinct features, such as an alarm clock that wakes you up with your favorite song. You can listen to different radio stations by artistes and genres.

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  1. Tidal

This particular one of the offline music apps is owned by rap superstar, Jay Z, has been allowing its large base of users’ access music offline. You can search for high quality audio any time you want. You can create albums and playlists by adding music by your favorite artiste, genre or however you want.

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There are tons of offline music apps available that provide unrestricted and unlimited music access to music lovers without an internet connection. Now, you do not have to worry about missing music whenever you are offline. Are there any other music apps that permit  offline access that you use? Let us know about it in the comment section.

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