Music lovers all over the world love and appreciate what the internet has done for them in the past couple of years. The ability to get songs on the go without having to pay for them is something every music lover wants and is happy to have and we can all admit that in the past it wasn’t so. If you wanted a song some years back, you would have to get your hands on the CD, then rip it on your computer before you are able to have it ‘on the go’.

Mp3 Juice

Today however, it is a lot easier for music download lovers. There are web services and apps which have been made to give us this constant supply of free music and some of them are good while others – not so much. These apps are ranked based on a couple of things like an extensive database, ease of use, and safety. Let us take a look and review one site which ranks among the top free mp3 music downloader sites on the internet.


Music download has got a new name and a blue colour theme. MP3 juices is a web service which offers users the option of downloading music in an easy and straight forward manner from various trusted sites on the internet. This service is just a few years old but in the short time they have been active, they have shown that they know what they are doing and didn’t come to fool around.

As we go further we will be looking at an in depth review of what we can expect to do with this music downloader; we are going to see where it stretches to and where it does not. We will be examining every nook and cranny of this site to see if they truly deserve to rank as highly as they do in the world of MP3 music downloaders.


MP3 juice download site operates on a simple logic and program; it connects to some other databases including YouTube and soundcloud and when you search for a song, it goes to these sites to locate what it is you are looking for. Due to the amount of data they have by leveraging on these other services, they have access to pretty much every MP3 file you may be looking for.

There are also lots of tracks on its own archives and these songs most times include songs which have been downloaded over and over again. They are stored in the archive so it can be gotten to more quickly that it would have if it still resided on another one of their hosts.

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You can’t run a successful download site service with a poorly designed interface and the developers on MP3 juices have got that covered.

On logging on to, you are welcomed by a ‘hard-to-miss’ search bar where you can type in the name of the artist, the song, or the YouTube URL of the song which you want to get.

There is a main menu at the top with useful items such as Howto, FAQ, Cutter,and News and we will discuss these functions n detail in a minute.


Home This returns you to the home page at any point of browsing the site

Howto This offers a brief tutorial as to how to use the music downloader features on MP3 Juices.

FAQ This is the place where a user can see common questions put together from experiences f other users. The idea is to give the visitor a fair amount of knowledge concerning the usage and capabilities of the site

Cutter This is a cool feature. It all1ows the user to upload their own MP3 files and cut them online. When the cut is complete, a link appears from which the user can download the finished file.

News This section of the site contains frequently updated news about the site. It contains updates such as changes in terms and conditions, licences, and other relevant information.


There are a ton of advantages when it comes to using MP3 juice downloader. These advantages come from the mega number of features which the site has. Let’s examine some of them.

Simple Design – The home page of the site pretty much has all the functions which take you to the site.

Auto Converter – If a song is found on YouTube, it is automatically converted to MP3 right there on the MP3 Juice downloader before it is made available for download

Video Player – Not only does it convert YouTube video to MP3, it lets you preview the video before you convert. This helps you to be sure of the quality of what you are about to download.

Predictive Search – This is helpful on so many levels. When you begin typing in what you are looking to download, a ‘Google style’ suggestion list is generated and this could help save you some key strokes.

Multiple Sources – We also mentioned that MP3 juice gets its data from YouTube and soundcloud but that is not all, by tweaking settings, you can also have access to files on 4shared, Yandex, CK, PromoDJ and more.


One question users would usually ask when it pertains to free downloads of MP3 on the internet is this – Is it safe? Well in one word, the answer is yes. It is 100% safe to download your favourite MP3 files from MP3 juice downloader. According to the report on the AVG site, there are no viruses or malware on this service so it cannot and will not harm your computer or mobile device any time soon.


MP3 Juice downloader is truly something for every music lover. It is one site whose developers have painstakingly out things together in order to make thins work and the work doesn’t stop in the nice interface but extends to functionality as well. The site loads quickly so every second you spend on it is a productive one.

Well I hope this review is extensive enough and you know what you stand to gain by using the MP3 juice downloader for your MP3 tracks. It is free and convenient so try it.


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