The music industry has been shutting down the mp3 skull from time to time, but due to its ever increasing demand by music lovers, Mp3 Skull has always resurfaced.

Mp3 Skull

Being an ardent music lover, I have been following mp3 skull for the past two years, and one thing I have noted is that after all the shutdowns mp3 skull has gone through they always come back stronger. Just a recent example last month the music industry shut down the mp3 skull domain, and in a few days they were back using a new domain

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Under this new domain mp3.skulls.Rip the developers have upped their game to a new notch due to the demand in the market of new and old mp3 lyrics though the man who pulls strings behind the scenes has never surfaced. Despite rumors on illegality, the Mp3 skull is now compatible with YouTube, and one can easily download or even convert music videos to Mp3 from YouTube. All a music lover need is to copy the YouTube URL music and paste it in the mp3 skull, and the music will automatically be downloaded and converted simultaneously.

‘To’ is an English word, and the .to domain is derived from the English word, but it’s owned by an island country by the name Tonga. Anyone can secure this TLD, and it has become a source of the lively hood to many people. Even on this platform, the man behind the scene is still unknown and when they were recently sued no one showed at the court. That itself was a clear indication, Mp3 Skull is back with a bang.

Mp3 skull offers music to their audience, and this has led them to be at loggerheads with the music industry. The music industry recently sued mp3 skull for $22 million damages, and that seemed like the end of the road for the mp3 skull. As we all know, the man behind the keyboard is still synonymous no culprit was arrested, and no money was paid they just closed their sand in a matter of days resurfaced under a new domain named

If you are a keen follower of Mp3 skull, just know the old site is dead, but the Mp3 Skull is still alive and doing what it does best.

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