I once heard a pastor say something like, “health is wealth.” I was kind of skeptical about that statement for a while back then; I mean I looked at him like he had just pulled down his draws with no boxer shorts on standing right in the middle of a highway in downtown Chicago or somewhere like that. Funny, right? Yeah, that’s I thought because how can you possibly equate wealth, and I mean riches at that, with being health. We got more than a million healthy individuals roaming the streets going about their business every day all over the world and yet only about 5% of that population is referred to as rich by statistics.

music benefits for heath

This may seem to be quite logical and reasonable too. But a closer analysis of that statement shed more light on the subject for me (thanks to Rev. T.D Jakes). I’ll explain this quickly to you.

When the body or the mind is sick, it don’t really matter how much a man (or woman) has in wealth; a lot of rich folks have spent fortunes just trying to get well from some sickness, disease or something like that. All that money doesn’t matter anymore as long as you got a health challenge: you just wanna get well, that’s all that’ll matter at that point.

Anyway, it’s a good thing that we have different kind of ways by which you and I can strive to stay healthy; especially keeping our hearts, brains generally healthy. And that’s through music.

Music Benefits For Heath

In this piece here I’m bringing to you 5 benefits of music to our health.

  1. Music encourages the improvement of visual and verbal skills

This might sound like some queer music benefits for health kind of campaign; thinking like, ‘what in the world do music and health have in common?’ Well, research has shown us that imbibing children in a line of education in music helps a lot in stimulating their brains. There are so many ways this happens, and it helps further to polish up the verbal aptitude, how they interact and it even has a substantial effect on the health of their eyes.

Research studies on certain children between the tender ages of 5 and 7 years, in which one group was subjected to after-school music lessons and the other group was allowed to go home after school, for about 2 months, turned out results that clearly showed that the group who were made to under musical classes after school hours after the said 2 months displayed far greater verbal abilities with enhanced eye sight than the other group who hadn’t taken any part in the music classes.

It turns out that even infants who are subjected to environment inclined favorably to music come off a lot happier, sharper and more intelligent than their peers – it’s almost so natural too.

  1. Music Enhances the Aging Brain

Still on the wings of research studies, we find that engaging one’s self in music-related activities during the older later years of one’s life takes care of the aging process and slows it down quite considerably. Picture going to the gym everyday for as long as possible, what do you think would happen to your body muscles over a period of time? Of course, they’d become well built and function faster and become sharper in reflex and all that. That’s why you see a lot of athletes in their old age still looking young, trim and quite very active. It’s the same effect music has on the brain; music exercises, or let me say, takes your brain to the gym every time you’re listening to some. That way, with a constant habit, you’ll find your brain acting quite a lot sharper and responsive than it naturally should due to age.

  1. Creates Happiness

Funny enough, I once read from the bible that even the old serpent, the one called the devil; before he was cast out of heaven was the head of the choir. And until now you can still sense a lot of his traces to music in the fields he operates the most these days: the music industry, Television shows, the radio air waves etc. What I’m trying to say is, even the devil loves music. Who wouldn’t like a good old merry tune in his ears every now and then any way?

Well, I’m just saying that music makes you happier than you normally would be at any time. The good thing about this is the emotional side to it. Music uplifts you and stirs up your emotions in a very unique and rather beneficial way. When you’re happy, certain hormones are secreted into your body system; these stimulate your tissues and cells in such a way that keeps each one radiant and full of life – health and youth is enhanced this way.

  1. Blood Pressure, Heartbeat and Pulse Rate

Medical studies from examination have clearly revealed that music helps in a huge way to enhance the health of one’s heart and encourages faster healing in the sick, especially for those with specific or general heart problems.

It doesn’t really matter what kind of music you listen, so long as it is music you like and enjoy it causes a release in your body of certain agents called endorphins that go to the brain and enhances the vascular activities there. In other words, makes your brain activity a lot healthier.

A discovery made from examinations carried out in one of our major medical establishments over at Massachusetts, reveals how patients who had suffered from heart malfunctions, administered to in bed and allowed to listen to music for at least 30 to 45 minutes daily came off with more stabilized heart rates, fairly balanced blood pressure and were far less distressed than those who did not have the comfort of listening to any music.

  1. Enhanced Immune System and Pain reduction

Music has the natural ability to remove excess cortisol from our system. That is stress hormones. These are the body agents responsible for bringing down your immune system and created greater vulnerability to sicknesses and diseases that often put different organs in your body at jeopardy; organs like your heart, lungs, liver and other sensitive body tissues, even the blood pressure system is not spared, along with optimal brain activity functioning.

Studies though, have shown that by listening to good music for just about 50 minutes, the number or population of antibodies in your system spikes up thereby fighting off any possible threats to health.

Obviously, listening to music has all the potential to make you 100% immune to physical malfunctions that would naturally cripple the body in only a short period of time.

So now, there you go! We’ve talked, in the past, about all the great sites where you can get all the wonderful music you can ever ask for – and all for free. So what are you waiting for? Go on now, fill the whole place with great music, load your house up with really nice stuff; even your parents’ houses too – hook them up with this wonderful life-saver.

And trust me; you’ll thank me later for this.

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