Music Maniac Pro is an android app which enables users to source for, and download MP3 music online. We will be discussing everything there is to know about this app in detail but the first thing about it is that it is free and it always will be. There is no lite version with limited capabilities or anything like that. It is a fully functional app which does what it does well and without complaint. The developers of this app have worked hard and well to deliver the music download world a product that is both fun and functional – So let’s dive in.


Music Maniac Pro

For an app which was launched just a few years ago, Music maniac pro has become one of the most downloaded apps for android and why shouldn’t it be? It is a music downloader like no other. When considering an app, what you want to do before downloading it is to look at user reviews and that is what could encourage or discourage you. When it comes to this app, well let’s not over-hype it. Read on to find out the facts about Music Maniac.


This part is easy. All you need to use this app is an android version of 2.3 or is lovely because despite the fact that it is constantly upgraded, users who haven’t upgraded their phones can manage to update the app and it would still function with all its upgraded features.

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The visible search bar is the first thing which catches you as you look into Music maniac. Anybody can flow with the blue and grey themed design which is easy on the eyes above all else. It is designed with no hidden and complicated menus so it is a great design all together.


All a user needs to do is search for the song of their choice and it is nice because they don’t even need to know the name of the song. The artist name, album, or even bits and pieces of the lyrics can be used to locate a song and this is a big plus to the design and usability of the app.

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When it comes to download, I couldn’t be easier. When a search is initiated, within seconds you get a list of matching results and all you do next is to tap on the most appropriate result. The download button shows up and you tap that as well.

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There are a lot of benefits to the person who choses to download and use Music maniac pro. We will look at a couple of them.

IMPRESSIVE DATABASE – The database on this music downloader is impressive, it has got millions of songs frequently updated and it is hard to describe to someone who hasn’t tried it out themselves. So go ahead and try it.

QUALITY – The challenge with some free music downloader apps is that they do not retain high quality in their files when downloaded. This is not so with music maniac pro; you can be sure that the audio quality is high.

STREAMING – As an extra measure, this app allows streaming which is good for a couple of things. The first is that you get to be sure that the file you are actually downloading is what you are looking for, the second is that you gat to check the quality first before downloading.

SIZE – For an app with this many functions, it is good to know that it could be packed into just 5MB. This means that it doesn’t take up much space in your device and you do not have to clear up space just for it. The fact that it has a small file size means it is also easy on your phone’s RAM.

FREE – We can not over emphasize this fact. Music Maniac is free and will always be. That has to count as a huge advantage to the app.


To answer that in one word, yes. Licences have been put in place to ensure that whatever music you download from music maniac pro is completely and totally legal. You will not be facing the law anytime soon when you download and use this app.

That being said, due to the size of the database, it so happens that every once in a while, a user can come across a copyrighted song and what they choose to do with it is entirely up to them but here is the interesting part; Music maniac gives you the avenue to report such a track to the makers of the game and it will be deleted from the database.


First of all, the question you would be asking is this – Is there any of my personal data being used by the app and the answer is no, you can use this app and all its features without having to create an account so you are safe. This app is rated at 80% safe and that is to say that the chances of an infection hitting your phone because of this app are incredibly low.


Although this is an android app, it is not available on the android play store. But that is not a challenge. There are tons of other places where you can download this awesome app from. A few of them are:


After download, the installation process is easy. You only have to grant the app some permission and you are on your way to downloading and enjoying a great selection of songs.


Truly, Music maniac pro is a dream app for all those who enjoy free music download and it has proven to give real value for no money. All who use this app can not help but give it awesome reviews. The developers are up to date and there are bugs fixed before users have a chance to complain about it, the usage, legality, database, and interface are carefully handles in order to give optimum satisfaction to the user. It is a safe bet.



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