We all love music, and there are tons of wonderful music out there. The advent of the smartphone has made it very easy to listen to music on the go. These days, you can stream music online without downloading it, or you can decide to download music for both online and offline listen. Downloading music could prove hectic sometimes, as there are several self-acclaimed music downloaders available today, so deciding on the perfect music downloader for you could prove irksome. Here, we will review a very popular mp3 music downloader – Music Maniac pro.

What is an Mp3 Music Downloader?

An Mp3 music downloader is an app that allows you to search for music and download them in an mp3 format directly to your phone. Most mp3 music downloaders also allow you to listen to music without downloading, however the option to download is always present. A good number of music downloaders are free to use and provide tons of royalty-free music, so you do not have to worry about the legality.

What Is Music Maniac Pro?

Music Maniac ProMusic Maniac Pro is a very popular mp3 music downloader that allows you download CC Licensed and Copyleft mp3 format songs legally to your phone. This app not only allows you find songs for your phone, but it also allows you search for and download ringtones. The Music Manic pro music downloader app does not maintain its own catalog of songs, but it searches for results from a collection of databases. Music Maniac crawls the web for your searches and then provides you with relevant results to download them.


Inbuilt Music Player: Whether or not you have an inbuilt music player on your phone, Music Maniac pro provides you with one. The music player

Streaming Option: Besides the regular mp3 download option, the music maniac app provides you with an option to stream the song. This is particularly useful when you are contemplating downloading a new song, so you can listen to the song before deciding if it is worth some space on your device.

Quality Download Files: A typical music downloader does not always download high quality mp3 files. However, this is not the case with Music Maniac pro, as the files downloaded are of a very high quality, guaranteeing you a very wonderful listening experience.  You no longer have to adjust the equalizers or bass to get good quality audio.

Impressive Catalog of Songs: Music maniac pro has access to a very impressive collection of databases. There are millions of songs, ensuring you can explore and experience a whole new world of music.

Good App Design: The user interface and experience on Music Maniac are very impressive. The interface is very simple and easy-to–use. There are no hidden menus and using the app is very intuitive. Downloading music happens at the tap of a button. Downloaded songs will be in the “MusicManiac” folder of your phone. You can also view downloaded music in the “download” section of the music maniac app.

Good Search Options: There are a good number of search options on Music Maniac. You can search for any song title or artiste, and relevant results will be provided to you. Even if you do not know the song name or artiste, bits of the song lyrics can also be used to find the song. This feature is a big plus to the music maniac app. The categories tab can also be used to locate songs based on certain themes you like.

Ringtone Search: Apart from the regular search option for music, Music Maniac also allows you search for and download ringtones. This is an added functionality that will definitely get more people to use the music maniac pro app.


Free to Use: Perhaps the most impressive thing about the music maniac app is that it is free to use. This means you are getting all this awesome value free of charge. There is no premium subscription option, and every single feature on the music maniac app is free and accessible to all.

Legal and Secure: The legality of this app a very important advantage. You do not have to feel guilty or scared for downloading mp3, as all songs on the music maniac app are royalty-free. Most songs on music maniac are licensed under the creative commons. However, because music maniac has access to a lot of databases, you might come across songs that are not licensed under the creative commons, so whether or not you decide to download such song is up to you. Music Maniac provides you with an option to report such songs, so it will be deleted from their database.

Also, enhanced security is a big plus in this app. You do not share or reveal personal information to the app, as every sing feature is accessible without having to create an account.

Small Size: The small size of the music maniac music downloader is a wonderful advantage to you. This ensures you have enough space to download songs you love.


Contains Ads: The Music Maniac app contains ads, and some users might find that uncomfortable.

How to Install Music Maniac Pro on Android : 6 Steps Guide

Now that we know everything about the music maniac app, let us proceed to unravel the installation process of this music downloader on your Android phone. Firstly, you need to be running an Android version of 2.3 or higher. If your phone satisfies this, then follow the steps below:

STEP 1: Download the Music Maniac Pro APK

STEP 2: Go to Settings on your phone, then security, then enable installation from unknown sources.

STEP 3: Proceed to open the music maniac pro APK file

STEP 4: Tap install

STEP 5: Wait while the app installs

STEP 6: Tap “Done” when the installation is completed.

Congrats, you have successfully installed the music maniac pro mp3 music downloader 🙂

Video Guide For Music Maniac Pro

Video Source: Mrenmascardo


Music Maniac pro could prove to be a dream app for all audiophiles, as it checks most of the boxes required of any mp3 music downloader. The most interesting part about the app is that it is free to use. Couple this with its legality and competent security features, then you might have a unicorn on your hands. If you are a music maniac, then music maniac pro music downloader could be the one for you.

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