Music is broad and it can not be covered in just one book – let alone one article. But we are not talking about ‘all of music’ – just the part where we have lots of the kind of music we enjoy on our phones. Being able to download the songs we want in a convenient way is more than a blessing; it is an essential. In the recent past there have been a lot of apps which promise free music download but many of them have failed for one reason or the other so when we see an app which lives up to expectation, it is good to recognize it. Music downloader apps such as music paradise pro have given us that essential capability and we are going to see how this particular app works.

music paradise pro downloader


There is not much in terms of definition because the functionality says it all. This app lets you download music from the internet and it also has a very nice streaming feature which lets you listen to music before downloading. This app is relatively small in size so it takes little time to download and uses up little phone resources.

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To add to this, Music paradise pro can also be your phone’s music player. It allows you upload your own music onto it and play straight for there. This makes it an all-round functional app for music.


For an app to be as popular as music paradise pro some things must be gotten right and one of those things has to be the interface. When designing apps, the interface is essential because if it is not friendly, then users will not return to use the app. This app has an easy-to-use interface and its simple design makes it a wonderful choice for music lovers all over the world.

The search bar is a nice attraction when using the app, it is easy to see and you really can’t miss it. You get to type in the keywords to the song you are looking for and it really does not have to be the name of the song as it is also possible to get accurate results by searching by the album, genre, artist, and more.


Ever heard of the creative commons licence (CCL)? It is an arrangement that allows for free and legal music sharing and all song which you will download on this app come under the CCL and that means that they are completely legal. For those who have a strong moral standing as to where they get their music from, this app is a suitable place for you.

Another thing this app does is that it grabs songs from other engines which actually host songs so this is a big plus for the legality of it.


The features abound on music paradise pro downloader and we will try to cover a number of them.

Cross Platform – This app is available on android, iPhone, and blackberry and as such makes sure that no user is left of in the usage and enjoyment of it.

Free – Thee is absolutely no payment for this app and all who want it can get it at no cost what so ever.

Predictive search – This is a brilliant feature.  When you begin typing a keyword for the song you are looking for, you get suggestions which may save you a few seconds of typing.

Multi-Downloads – Downloading on this app is awesome because it offers something which is not so common with other mp3 music download apps. You can get more than one song at once with its ability to queue downloads. You can also listen to songs while downloading in the background.

Music Sharing – Users who have this app can share music between each other and that has made it such a big community with hundreds of thousands of users and fans

Huge Database – This goes without saying, there are so many things which have been put in place to ensure the database capabilities of this mp3 music downloader and one of them is the fact that this app does not host its own songs but gathers them by hooking up to other powerful search engines such as jamendo. This ensures that the user has an up-to-date selection of tunes on the go and at any time.

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This app is not only available for android users, iPhone users can also benefit from it. It is not available on the android store however and there are a lot of people claiming to have it and they upload fake links online.

Download Music Paradise Pro For Android

To download for android, follow this LINK and once you get it downloaded to your phone, run the installation and enjoy.

Download Music Paradise Pro For IOS

On the iOS platform, you can get this app without having to jailbreak your phone and that is considerate of the app developers as jailbreaking voids the warranty of the iPhone. To download on iOS, visit this LINK. This app is available for all iOS devices running OS7 and higher

Download Music Paradise Pro For PC

And there is one thing further. You can get this app for your PC running windows 7 and higher. Sure there is no .exe file lying around but the developers of this app were clever enough to make it possible for windows PC versions. To download for PC, all a user needs to do is follow these specific instructions outlined at this WEBSITE and without much difficulty; they can easily get this awesome app on PC.


An mp3 music downloader should have a couple of features before one even considers the possibility of downloading it. There should be a good interface, easy search, extensive library and that is just for starters. Music paradise pro offers all this and more to the music lover looking do download tunes to their device. One doesn’t just say everything with hopes that another will understand unless they try it. The app I free so there is nothing to lose really by downloading it. A trial is all you need to convince you of what beauty lies in this music downloader.


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