Music Downloader Scholarship

Here at we are prideful to offer our initial scholarship to current and upcoming students for the 2017-18 academic year. We will offer this scholarship on continuous basis and we are eager to help promote the future education of the students in the United States. If you want to apply for this helpful scholarship then please refer the details given below.


Any current or prospective students that is enrolled in any College/University in United States is eligible for this scholarship award.

Application Requirement

The students who wants to apply for this scholarship must have to send these details:

Contact Information (Name, Date of Birth, Mailing Address, Contact Number)

Education Background (High School/College, Graduation Year)

Write Essay which includes 1000-1200 words on the topic of How music is affecting your life or your ambition. Please include your personal stories,

Share something about yourself (300-350 words) with everyone that will ready your essay.

Once you are ready with these details, email it to


$1,000 USD that you can use for tuition or your future education. We will contact the winner directly.

Deadline and Selection Criteria

Our team at MusicDownloaderFree is made up of passionate and professional musicians. All the applications must be submitted on or before 1st September 2017. We will review each essay deeply and select one winner for the award on January 2018. Once we select a winner they will have two weeks time to respond or we will need to move to the another winner. Also, by submitting your applications, you are permitting us to post your entry and biography if you are selected for the award.