There are mp3 downloaders and then there are mp3 downloaders. Music lovers all know and appreciate the fact that these days they can get music downloaded at anytime and at any place. Music downloads are convenient because you do not have to buy CDs and go through the hassles of ripping the CD before moving to your mobile device. One of the apps which help us today when it comes to downloading music straight to your android device is simple MP3 downloader. We are going to take an in-depth look at this app and see what it can and cannot do. We will examine its features from top to bottom and let you know what you stand to gain by using this music downloader.


simple mp3 downloader

Simple MP3 downloader pro is a versatile music downloader app which enables users get their favourite songs as MP3 downloaded straight to their phones for offline use. It comes with smooth features which make it easy to navigate the app and get the songs you are looking for in minutes

Additionally, this app can also substitute for your phone’s music player and that means that whatever music you have in your phone already can be streamed via the app. This is an innovative feature which makes it an all-in-one music app.

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As the name implies, it is simple. Simple MP3 downloader has a nice design. The app developers took into consideration the fact that it is for mobile users and they have done a good job when It comes to keeping the screen clear of cumbersome functionality and ads.

Using this app is easy. There comes at the home screen of the app, a search bar which enables users type in keywords as it relates to the song they are looking for. Keyword could be a number of things from the song name – which is the most common – to the name of the artiste or the album. The app goes as far as cross referencing the year of release so if you have that detail, you can add it to your search query and let the search engine do its thing.


Seeing as Simple MP3 downloader does not host any of the songs itself, it is not violating any laws on music sharing. What happens with this music downloader is that it connects to other engines which host music and draws from their database.

Put simply, Music downloader pro is a middle man between the song hosting service and the downloader. We may not be able to go to all the music hosting platforms because of the songs we are looking for but this app has the resources to go to those services and pull out our MP3 files for us.

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Like every good music downloader, there are some things which make it stand apart from other applications. Here are some of those wonderful features we can expect to see when using this app.

Free – All music on this app is distributed under the Creative Common licence so you can count on it staying free forever.

Sleek Design – The design of this app is on point and up to date making it simple, yet very effective and functional in the work it is set out to do.

Display – When using this app as a music player, it not only displays the some title, it let’s you know everything about the song including the artist and the album.

Smart search – getting songs from this app is made easier by the predictive search feature. Once a user starts typing the song details, the search begins and close matches are shown to the user. This enables the user make a more informed decision, as well as saves them a few seconds of typing.

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Speed – The app is designed in such a way that it loads really fast and this makes the user vouch for the functionality.

Huge Database – for this app to be this popular, it must have a certain good side and in this case, it is the fact that its database holds millions of songs. From the algorithm written to connect it to other song hosting services, it becomes an app with a wealth of resources at its disposal. Using Simple Mp3 downloader ensures that the user easily connects to the songs of their choice which they are looking to download.


This app is not available on the Google play store however you can download it here.



Many apps have compatibility issues and require the latest versions of the Android OS in order to function properly. This app takes into consideration the fact that there are millions of users who do not bother with upgrading their OS and as such this app has been made to be compatible with Android OS 3.0 and above. This is a huge plus because now it accommodates a lot of users who would have other wise been left out of benefitting from this app.


An mp3 music downloader such as simple Mp3 downloader makes it look so easy to have all your songs in one place. The innovation and careful planning of this app ensures that users are satisfied with their download of the app and also with its functionality.

This app we will mention again is free and all those who are looking for free Mp3 on their mobile devices can be sure that whatever songs they are looking for will be found in and around the app. It takes nothing to download so give it a try.


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