Soundcloud is great. I know it and you know it… okay maybe you don’t know it but you better. Soundcloud is an online platform where music is stored. Not only is music stored like it is some kind of mp3 download site, music makers all over the world have soundcloud channels so you see Soundcloud is a place where you can hear creativity at its peak. When I visit soundcloud, I am not going to look for chart toppers as most of the songs there you would not even find on mainstream media and that is great for me.

However there are times I enjoy music so much on soundcloud and I would like to download it. The thing there is this… not every song on soundcloud can be downloaded since the author of the file must authorize downloads. So how can we download songs anyway? This is where our music downloader websites and apps show up. These websites and apps help us by showing us how to download from soundcloud. There are a number of them but in this article we will look at the top list. Here we go.

Best Soundcloud Downloader 2017 To Download Soundcloud Music:

Soundcloud Downloader

==>Online Soundcloud Downloader 2017<==


This site is a great place to download soundcloud. The algorithm here is simple in that all a user has to do is use the very visible bar on the homepage to type in the url of the mp3 file they wish to download and wait for it to be downloaded to their device. This site supports up to 2 hours of music, it is completely free to use and you get the highest music quality which the owner of the song intended. Sure you will need to deal with a couple of ads but that is really a small price to pay.

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Okay the bar on this site is not as big as the one previously mentioned but still it works. In pretty much the same fashion, all you do is copy and paste the url of your choice song and it is downloaded. This service is also free and there is no need for additional software in order to get it done. Music quality is not degraded on this site and you get the original quality in which the song was uploaded. The interface here is simple so anybody can use it.


Apart from the catchy name, sound drain is quite functional as a soundcloud downloader and has been used without complaint for years. The only seeming challenge is that it loads slower than the other sites mentioned in this list so far but that doesn’t mean its loading time is so much. Sound drain comes in a real classy one-page design and of course has a large bar where you can enter the url of your song from soundcloud, hit download, and enjoy. There are absolutely no download restrictions on this site and that means you can get as many mp3 files as you want from soundcloud.

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Vubey does a lot when it has to do with downloading music and video from other sites. That’s right! This site also downloads video and so it can be your primary conversion website as well. So back to soundcloud – featuring a neat and simple black, white and gray design, this site makes it easy to get music from pretty much any site seeing as it supports up to 400 different sites. If that isn’t awesome, nothing is. You can also find them on social media and follow them for updates in case the site you are looking to download from isn’t supported – perhaps it will be soon and you will be the first to know.


As the name implies here, you can convert pretty much anything to MP3 on this site. We can’t talk about a good soundcloud downloader without mentioning this service right here. It has existed for years and it is awesome for anyone who is looking to download audio files from soundcloud at no cost. As if it wasn’t easy enough, the site also gives you a 5-step tutorial as to how to go about downloading whatever file you want from soundcloud or any other site for that matter. It supports audio download and video to mp3 conversion and download.


At soundflush, the keyword is safety. Yes it is incredibly safe downloading from this gorgeous site. Well it is not the best when it comes to looks but you can say that the design is seamless and functional. They have a cool customer service department and should there be any bugs which you encounter while using the app, then you are free to contact them. Also, if you find a site they do not support, you can suggest it to them and they will do something about it. That is it for customer service and when t comes to support, they support quite a number of sites and soundcloud is no exception. This is truly a good tool for those who like to download and convert music from soundcloud.

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Unlike many other sites on this list, this here is designed to be a fully fledged site which offers soundcloud download. On this site as with others, you get to enter soundcloud url and watch the magic happen. What you do not see on other sites however is things like recently downloaded songs or recently converted songs. This site claims to be a soundcloud downloader with over 310,000 conversions and this number is still growing. This site is complete with tutorials, an FAQ section, and a blog. You see what I said about it being a full-on site right? The orange color theme is a nice touch too.

==>Soundcloud Downloader For iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android phones & iTunes, Mac, PC 2017<==


Speaking of color themes, I do not get what kind of colors are on this site but we are not here to discuss colors (luckily for them). Now to functionality! What makes it so great? Well, the first thing is that you can use this service to download music from over 3000 site (or so they claim) but even if it is 2000 or 1000, it is still impressive. This service also has a desktop app which you can use for a couple of things including transferring music between phones, recording music, and more.

==>Best Soundcloud Downloader App For Android 2017<==

There are those of us who would completely prefer to use our mobile phones to access soundcloud – let’s face it! It can be a challenge at times to access soundcloud on mobile seamlessly. There are apps which act as a bridge in making our phones fully soundcloud compliant. Here are some of them.


This app is special for those of us who are strictly on mobile. It gives us an avenue to stream music from soundcloud right from the comfort of our mobile phones and tabs. It is packed with features aimed at making the music streaming process convenient among many things. Previously you would be able to download music from soundcloud but that is being discontinued as there have been reports from soundcloud asking it to be. The best thing about this app is this – it makes it look like you are actually on the soundcloud website but a more mobile-friendly version. You can listen to songs, get to view channels, have continuous playback, and more.


Many would disagree that soundhound is an app which is used do download music from soundcloud but it actually can be used as such. Soundhound works using a shazam-style algorithm to identify and download music which is playing from an audio device or using the mobile controllers recorded voice. So imagine you hear a song on soundcloud and while listening to it, you activate this app. It would identify the artiste and the song and as such help you get it to your phone. It is an app every music lover would love and appreciate.


One of the things to look for in a Soundcloud music downloader is that it lets you get great quality on your download and this is the case with these sites and apps here mentioned. The fact remains that these downloader have come to stay and as long as there are people who will keep enjoying soundcloud, there will be soundcloud downloader websites and apps which would enable us keep the songs we like on soundcloud.

These apps and sites are free to use and they are really convenient. Some of them have different features from others but in the end, they are all functional in getting the job done.

That is it in a nutshell for you who has been looking for a way of getting songs from soundcloud. It is amazing knowing that these tools are available to us and we can make use of them from the comfort of our internet enabled devices. So get on there and discover the world’s sounds using soundcloud music downloader apps and websites. The experience is awesome.

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