With over 1 billion users, YouTube has grown to be a video platform for any and every content. From music videos, to inspirational talks, whatever content you want is available on YouTube. However, a major concern to users has been the inability to download content for offline view or listen. Given that internet connection is not always guaranteed, users are constantly searching for platforms that allow them download YouTube videos for offline access. YouTube downloader services allow users do this seamlessly. There are several YouTube downloader platforms, each one operating differently and possessing several distinct features. One of such platforms will be reviewed now. The YouTube downloader – TubeMate – will be thoroughly appraised, and its pros and cons will be revealed.

What Is TubeMate

tubemate youtube downloader

TubeMate is a free YouTube downloader application that allows you download YouTube videos on your device for offline access. Using TubeMate will guarantee you have access to YouTube videos whenever you not have internet access. Using this YouTube downloader app is very intuitive. You can search for whatever YouTube video you want and the app will provide you with a download option. You can also select your desired video quality, giving you a much required flexibility. The downloaded videos are by default sent to your memory storage car. However, you can simply move them at your discretion if you would prefer for them to be stored in separate places. Once you initiate a download, you can pause or resume it, so there is no panic or rush of having to complete your download at a go. Downloads are very fast as a result of the multiple connections provided by the TubeMate YouTube downloader app. There are no limits or restrictions on this app, so you are sure to fully harness the potential of this YouTube downloader app. All in all, this app is one of the most impressive platforms that allow users download YouTube videos. We will proceed to perform a more in-depth analysis of the many other features of the Tube Mate YouTube downloader app.

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Innovative features are what make any service attractive and useful. TubeMate does not lag in this regard, as it possesses some features that put it above other regular YouTube downloader platforms. Let us now examine these features and figure out what makes them so special.

#1 Search for YouTube Videos Right within TubeMate App : The Tubemate youtube downloader android app allows you the convenience of searching for YouTube videos right within the app. This saves you the stress of copying a YouTube video URL. All you need to do is locate the video within the TubeMate app and an option to download will be provided to you.

#2 Video Quality Selector : You can select the quality of video you want to download. This flexibility can be useful when you want to reduce internet consumption rate.

#3 Fast Download: Downloading from the TubeMate YouTUbe downloader app is lightning fast. The app allows for multiple connections, ensuring your download is completed in the least possible time.

#4 Pause and Resume Downloads: You are allowed to pause and resume a download on the Tube Mate app. If you ever run out of internet data, you can pause your download and resume it whenever the internet is back on. This feature allows for a sense of security whenever users are making downloads.

#5 Share Videos: Videos you search for or download on the TubeMate app can be shared on your various social media platforms. Sharing with your friends will allow for collaborative and unified music connections, as well allow you stay up to date with your friends music inclinations.

#6 Background Operations: Whenever you are downloading from the Tube Mate YouTube downloader app, you can perform the task in the background without interfering with the normal operation of your phone. This ease of control and operation will ensure that the TubeMate does not take total control of your phone, keeping you hostage on your own device.

#7 Simultaneous Downloads: Multiple downloads can be performed simultaneously on the TubeMate YouTube downloader app. The presence of this feature is a killer, as many YouTube downloader apps lag in this aspect.


#1 Free : Getting access to the many wonderful features of the Tubemate youtube downloader android app is free of charge. You do not have to pay a dime to access this service, and this is unarguably the biggest advantage of this YouTube downloader app

#2 Easy to Use : Using the Tube Mate app is quite simple and intuitive. Navigation is sleek and neat. You do not have to rack your brain as to how to perform any action, as all options and menus are clearly visible.

#3 Beautiful User Interface: The user interface of this app is aesthetically appealing.


You are required to install a Media converter to download Hi-fi video : This is a huge downside, as the installation of third-party software is always a concern to users.

Inability to Download Certain Videos at certain times : There have been several cases of an inability to download certain videos at certain times.

Ads : The presence of ads might be discomforting to some users.

Download TubeMate APK And How to Use TubeMate Guide

Using Tube Mate is as simple as can be. First, you need to get the Tubemate youtube downloader android free app via the following steps:

Step 1: Go to Settings on your android Phone and make your phone able to install software from “Unknown Sources”

Step 2: CLICK HERE to download the TubeMate APK file

Step 3: Proceed to Install the APK file

Step 4: Wait till installation is completed and click on done

Step 5: Open the newly installed app

Step 6: Navigate to the search bar and type in whatever YouTube video you want to download

Step 7: Select your desirable result, then you will be prompted to select a desired video quality

Step 8: After selecting a desired video quality, download will be initiated


There are several apps and platforms that allow you download videos from YouTube, however, not all of them can satisfy our needs. Now that you know the capabilities and limitations of the TubeMate YouTube downloader app, you can decide whether or not it is the best one for you.

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