Songs are beautiful they always soothe our minds and heal our souls. They remind us of where we grew up the life we have been through the days we shed tears of joy and those of sadness. In my life whenever am bored, and I remember the first love the song I first sang for her rings in my mind. It’s a tune I will never forget Soledad its number one in my mp3 music downloader. Research has shown that the relation between music and our memory can never be described. Music is used in therapy processes where maximum concentration is needed.

Music DownloaderThis mad love of songs has led to the innovation of music downloaders. If you are one of those people who adore music and can’t spend a day without your earphones, then music downloaders were developed to help feed your hunger for music. Over recent years significant android music downloader apps have been developed, and they have made downloading of mp3 music very simple. Although, one should know that free mp3 music downloaders aren’t that easy to use because adverts always keep popping up thus irritating the music download.

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Is downloading music from music downloaders illegal?

Mp3 sales are increasing at an overwhelming rate day in day out without most artists getting what they deserve. The question of legality should be asked from a conscious point of view what is right and what is wrong. Mp3 refers to any music file that can be downloaded with that in mind is it legal to use music downloaders my answer is yes and no.

According to copyright law being in possession of mp3 music download files without the authorization of the copyright holder is illegal same applies to when sharing or distributing the mp3 music download files.

Though in some cases the artists give their songs for free download as a marketing tool. They mainly do this when the song is new in the market and hasn’t hit the desired target.

Another legal scenario is when you have bought a disc, and after sometimes it gets spoilt. Since you bought the disc this gives you the right to get into your music downloader app and download all the songs in that particular disc.

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Downloading and sharing music

Music DownloaderYou may lend your friend your mp3 music files if only they own one, but there is one point one must always know once you give your friend you pass the ownership of the copyright since the same disc can’t be owned by two people.

And also one should understand that lending a friend your mp3 music file even if in soft copy means you are also giving up the copyright as well thus you should delete it from your music downloads and also mp3 files since the same copyright can’t be owned by two different persons.

What makes downloading and sharing music illegal?

At times,people want to go an extra mile without a pinch in the pocket.Like sharing your latest Rnb mp3 music download with the love of your life, but be cautioned you might get her in trouble because the ownership of mp3 music downloads and later sharing the music all boils down to the legality of the music. For example, if Martin stole a vehicle and later gave it to his girlfriend Mercy, then Mercy will be termed as the illegal owner of the car in law. This same scenario applies if the person having the music doesn’t own it then it is illegal and also against the copyright law.

At times the copyrights laws differ from one country to another, example in Canada, music from friends to friends’ network are legal but uploading it is deemed to be illegal.

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What if you purchase music online?

The competition in the world have grown in all sectors this has happened because the internet has reduced all continents, where we can all meet and purchase all we want from music, shares to cars all you need is a desktop and some bundles and you are connected to the world.

Being an ardent lover of music gone are the days when I had to wait by the radio to listen to the newest lyrics. Below are some of the best sites which keep me updated with the best mp3 downloads;

ITunes store –This is known as having the widest selection of music downloads on earth. It is developed with the ability to sync mp3 music downloads to iPhone iPod or even iPad.

Amazon mp3-The emergence of Amazon has pushed online music level to a new level. Amazon offers quality DRM-Mp3 files and also works with iTunes

Digital music gives flexibility, and one can listen to music with unlimited supply. All one needs is to select the right app and install on the phone.

What if you have a subscription to music streaming?

Being the intrepid lover of music that I am, I have always kept my eyes wide open in search of the best way to feed my yearning for music and live streaming has answered my stubbornness compared to downloading mp3 files.

Music streaming gives one the option to listen and sample any song in an album at a little monthly fee. There are at least 11 music services to subscribe to they include; Spotify, Google play music, Tidal, Xbox, Deezer, Napster, just to name a few.

With all these companies offering the same service one should do a research and always jump where he gets the best deal. Below is some things one need to put into consideration;

1. Streaming my music

It is the most relevant because one needs to put into consideration the apps offered, if the apps are compatible with phone.

2. Fee

Is there a free trial? Are the services they are offering worth what they are charging? One need ponders through these questions before making up his or her mind.


We all love music, as the old adage goes; music is the food for the soul. Getting access to music has been made easy by the presence of many free Music Downloaders. Let spread love and peace through Music and ensure not to be on the wrong side of the law.


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